9 Achievable Kitchen Design Trends This 2022

Due to the current public health crisis forcing many to work and study from their homes, the kitchen has become a much more appreciated part of the house. As a result of most individuals spending a large majority of their days indoors, the idea of the kitchen is indeed the heart of the home has solidified even further.

With it being the primary space for food preparation and cooking of meals, warm and cozy designs have been embraced by many homeowners in the past year. Moving forward, interior design experts believe that personalized designs with sharp lines and colorful décor are going to grace more kitchens to show off an ultramodern aesthetic.

This 2022, interior design enthusiasts and home décor practitioners declare that the following kitchen design trends will reign supreme the whole year. Want to learn more about each one of them? Continue reading to find out more about them.

1. Nature-inspired Shades

It’s said that the imposed lockdown measures made large portions of the populace feel like they’re missing out on nature. Hence, many soon began to incorporate aspects of nature in their kitchen designs. As a result, people found different ways of adding the natural feel into their homes.

Because of the global pandemic not having a clear resolution in sight, it’s regarded that using natural shades for kitchens will remain a trend in 2022 and the years to come. Yet how can you try it out in your kitchen?

First, you can include live plants requiring minimal maintenance and purifying the air. Then you can paint your cabinets a shade of green that you love the most, which may range from hunter to olive green. Another great way to incorporate nature is by adding different textures to your kitchen. Go for those that soften the room and bring warmth such as drapes, carpet runners, and hardware.

2. Natural Materials

Adding into the abovementioned design tip, you can also consider incorporating natural materials that add character for a light, airy, and bright kitchen space. The types of materials that are staging a comeback range from granite to real wood.
Thankfully natural kitchen design materials are treated to avoid toxic emissions. Natural materials such as wood bring warmth and comfort, especially when used as decorative pieces in the kitchen.

As for stone, its quality, durability, and low maintenance features have become a favorite. In addition, it can be used in different places in the kitchen. Its features and designs also offer decorative styles that fit your theme, whether used on the kitchen counter or the floor.

3. Cottage Themed Kitchens

Since the main aim of these trends is to bring a warm and cozy feel, cottage-themed kitchens have successfully made a comeback to the kitchen area. To achieve a cottage-inspired design, embrace open shelving with brackets to hold the shelves.

Go for small-pane windows and doors if you don’t need a lot of privacy and wide plank wood flooring with different finishing. The advantage of cottage-themed kitchens is that everything can be changed to fit the theme like beaded-board walls and others.

Wicker baskets are said to be the perfect way of incorporating storage that brings a fresh feel and texture to the kitchen. Remember to get items with bright colors or pastels that scream cottage themed.

4. Invisible Hinge Doorways

The need for straight and clean lines has boosted the popularity of concealed hinges in doorways. This trend has a lot of advantages, making it understandable why many people are getting them. Your doors will blend in with your walls to create a flawless look and feel. On the plus side, it’s easy to install on your own and can be removed when needed.

5. Matching Hardware With Cabinetry

Matching your cabinetry doesn’t mean literally as you also choose to coordinate them. It said that this kitchen design adds personality to space through the overall aesthetic and polished matching look.

Matching or coordinating hardware with cabinetry creates cohesion while keeping it simple. It also makes it so easy to replace compared to having different hardware. Getting similar finishes is also cheaper as they vary in price, and you can stick to one that you can afford.

6. Minimalism

The kitchen tends to accumulate a lot of clutter over time which leads to its cleaning needing to be done all the time. As a consequence, most people embraced minimalism as it allows for order at all times.

A true minimalist kitchen will have sleek lines, integrated appliances, and frameless cabinetry with a pop of color that fits perfectly with the trends of 2022’s kitchen layout and format.

7. Slab Backsplashes

Walking into most kitchens will show you exactly why slab backsplashes are trending and will continue to be popular throughout the whole of 2022.

Slab backsplashes offer a luxurious look and a visual appeal without breaking the bank. They can easily match counters made with slabs to create a seamless style. Also, they work with the natural theme your kitchen space may have since it’s made of stone in different designs.

8. Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain Countertops

The need for convenience has seen porcelain countertops grow in 2022 into a big trend 2022.

Porcelain countertops are made with heat and scratch-resistant materials that offer great durability, especially for frequently used kitchens. They also come in varying colors and patterns that perfectly match different themes and sink styles.

9. Light Fixtures That Create Statement Pieces

Light fixture designs in 2022 are believed to be a hit, with most people looking for statement pieces that radiate their personal styles and tastes. Classic light designs that have undergone some modern touches are generally regarded as visually appealing and functional.

Industrial light fixture designs resembling pipes and come in metal designs are believed to be in demand today.


When thinking of trends that’ll fit your kitchen, consider the style and theme you hope to achieve. Go for designs that are easy to incorporate and don’t require a large budget. You can use your do-it-yourself DIY skills in order to cut expenses.
Before choosing a kitchen design trend, ensure that it’s easy to maintain and easily replaceable in the event that you’ve gotten bored of it. Remember not to mix and match items that don’t go together or have an unnatural feel.