5 Tips for Classic Cars Storage

Classic Cars Storage: The stock market is volatile right now, making it a great time to consider alternative investments. Fans all over the world admire vintage cars for their sleek looks, rich history, and unparalleled performance. However, antique cars aren’t just for fun: They’re a reliable investment, too. Unlike most cars, antique autos gain value over the years. That is, they gain value when maintained correctly.

Proper classic car storage is essential to protecting these big-ticket investments. Take a look at these five classic car storage tips.

  1. Top the Tank Off Before Putting It Away

It might seem strange to fill up the tank when you’re not planning on going anywhere, but there’s a logic behind the suggestion.

A full tank of gas is less likely to take on moisture and rust than an empty tank is, so top it off. Adding a fuel stabilizer keeps fuel from becoming gunky, and you’ll need to drive for a while to work it through the system.

You should also top off the rest of your fluids and change the oil and oil filter. Old oil in your system can rust the engine.

Storing your car long-term will kill the battery. So, if you’re storing it indefinitely, take the battery out and keep it somewhere climate-controlled, off the ground. Otherwise, your battery could corrode and damage the car.

  1. Clean Up Your Classic Car

Like an empty tank of gas or dirty engine oil, dirt and grime on your car lead to rust and other issues. Even though few people will see your car in storage, cleaning it is important to maintain the vehicle and its value.

  1. Consider Renting Antique Auto Storage

One option you have for classic auto storage is renting space in a storage facility. This option is most favorable if you won’t store your car for long.

Some benefits of this option include not paying rent and your own utilities, and being able to leave the facility behind if you decide to stop storing your classic car.

  1. Buying a Garage for Classic Cars Storage

In the longer term, paying rent costs more than buying your own structure. So, you might consider buying your own garage or other structure.

The typical metal garage cost is less than you might imagine. If you keep things simple, this is a low-effort option.

Conveniences of your own vintage auto storage include easy access at any time of day or night, not paying rent, and setting your own rules. You can also customize your storage unit to look and function however you like.

  1. Will You Opt for Climate-Controlled Storage?

A final consideration when choosing vintage car storage is whether you want climate-control. If you’re building or buying your own garage, adding climate control can be a large expense.

Yet, without it, moisture, light, heat, and other natural risk factors lead to rust and other damage. The money you spend on climate-control is worth it to avoid paying thousands of dollars on antique car repair.

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