Expand Your Storage Space: What Is Loft Boarding?

When you move into your home, you fill the once empty space with your possessions. After some time, you may decide to move again because you believe you need a bigger home to fit everything you own. Or maybe you don’t actually want to move. What you really need is more space. You may weigh your options and think moving is the only fix. Moving isn’t only a hassle; it can cost you thousands in moving fees, including stamp duty and real estate fees. However, there is a simpler solution you can do at home. What is loft boarding and how can it help you add more space in your home when you believe you have nothing left? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Loft Boarding?

Loft boarding is a method you can use to utilize your loft space to get more storage. This is done by laying boards across your loft or attic. In order to make sure there is enough insulation in the room, you should position the boards above the joists. This helps prevent the risk of creating a damp environment that could damage the items you store.

Some people may shy away from installing it in their homes because they believe they need permission. The good news is getting permission isn’t a requirement. The only time you need planning permission is when you want to completely convert your loft as a living extension or want to complete larger projects that require demolishing an area.

How Loft Boarding Provides Storage Space

When you have a growing family or just find you like buying things, you are left in a position where you later struggle thinking of ways to make space. Loft boarding takes away the headache. You’re able to make double the amount of space by doing it.

This can help you declutter your home and move boxes and other storage items you have out in the open. You can free up your spare rooms, shed, garage, kitchen, and even your cupboards and drawers to put things you use more often instead. Many homes have a loft or attic that can be put to better use if they could make it more accessible and the area had boarding.

When to Get a Professional

There are some things you can do on your own and save money. There are other times the energy you spend and the lack of expertise you have can compromise the quality of the work. In those situations, it is better to hire a professional.

Loft boarding installation isn’t for the faint-hearted. Can you imagine yourself hauling a large loft board from outside, bringing it into your house, climbing up the stairs (if you’re unlucky to have it)? That’s a job in itself if you think about it.

Installing the board should also be precise to make sure the foundation is strong. There’s also a particular order the material must go in, and this is a time-consuming project that is far from ideal for those who lack patience.

Making a storage loft on your own isn’t worth it for those who lack the strength, knowledge, or gift in woodwork, construction, and design. If you live in the UK, you can get loft boarding done by professionals. This site offers customers a free quote and is known for its award-winning service: instaloft.co.uk

Benefits of Loft Boarding

The added space is obvious, but there are other benefits you get with loft boarding. The money you spend on the cost is worth it seeing how much space to gain.

Increases Home Value

Storage space fees can be a lot, especially in the UK. The more space you have available, the more your property is worth. The extra space you get with loft boarding gives you that. When you are ready to sell your home, you can raise the selling price.

Helps Conserve Energy

Insulated vs uninsulated loft boarding will make a significant difference in your energy bill. You risk paying more money when the area isn’t insulated. On the flip side, you can save about £220 (or $300) when the area is insulated.

Even if you have some insulation, adding on to it doesn’t hurt your pocket at all. It will only save you more money.

Sound Proofs the Area

When you have loft boarding, the insulated area also provides great soundproof by insulating and absorbing noise from outside. External noise from the rain, road traffic, airplanes, or passing ambulances is softened.

This may help those who have a room near the loft boarding area. You may also be able to get more restful sleep.

Provides Safe Access

Moving about your loft or attic can be dangerous after improper floor loft installation. When the installation is done the right way, you won’t have to worry about falling or tripping between gaps or spaces. Boarding also provides the flooring proper balance, which is especially important for those who are older.

Floor lofts often come with a built-in ladder as well. The sturdy overall design makes grabbing the things that are higher up more accessible to you.

More Space Without Having to Move

Both men and women can find themselves in a position where they need more space to put their things. It can be hard to throw away items you feel you still need or use, even if it’s not on a regular basis.

The good news is you can free up more space in your home than you think by learning “what is loft boarding.” You should be able to keep your important stuff and not have to spend more money and time by moving away when the only problem is storage.

You do have it. You just have to make it.

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