This Is How to Tell If You Have Bed Bugs in Your Mattress

Are you feeling itchy? Did you recently notice small, reddish stains on your sheets? Maybe you found an egg the size of a grain of rice.

If you think you have bed bugs, it’s important to confirm your suspicions right away. Otherwise, they could spread throughout your home.

A single female bed bug can lay 200 eggs in her lifetime. Once they eat, they’ll grow 200% larger, too.

Learning how to tell if you have bed bugs in your mattress can help you keep them from spreading. Keep reading to discover four major signs of bed bugs to watch out for.

  1. Check the Bed

Look at your bed, first. If you have bed bugs, you might notice a dark, reddish stain. You could see dark red marks against your pillowcase and sheets.

Though they’re small, bed bugs tend to leave a mess in their wake. There’s a chance you killed one while you were sleeping, which caused the mark.

Look for casings and eggs, too. Casings are brown, small, and oval in shape. They’ll look like small flakes.

Their eggs are usually oblong and white or semi-transparent. If you see a cluster of eggs, it’s time to call for help.

  1. Skim Over Your Skin

If you want to learn how to tell if you have bed bugs in your mattress, check your bed. At night, bed bugs come out to snack. They often leave bumps and red bites behind.

If you notice red marks that are smaller than a mosquito bite, start reviewing the rest of these bed bug signs.

  1. Take a Breath

The next time you ask yourself, “Do I have bed bugs?” take a deep breath through your nose. Do you smell a strange, musty scent? Can you track the cause?

This scent indicates the bed bugs are releasing pheromones into the air. The scent will become stronger as they spread.

As you use these tips on how to tell if you have bed bugs in your mattress, don’t hesitate to call for help. Here are a few tips you can use to get rid of bed bugs.

  1. Search Elsewhere

It’s not enough to check your mattress, though. Unfortunately, bed bugs like to explore. They’re nocturnal, so they’ll hide until they’re alone.

Use the SLEEP method during your search:

  • Survey every room for signs of bed bugs
  • Lift the bed to see if they’re hiding
  • Elevate items away from your bed
  • Examine any possessions you have under the bed
  • Place your clothes in the wash if you suspect your home is infested

Make sure to review secondhand furniture before you buy it. More bed bugs are appearing in hotel rooms as well.

If you find a bed bug, it will appear reddish-brown in color. They’re usually the size of an apple seed.

Creepy Crawlies: How to Tell If You Have Bed Bugs in Your Mattress

Don’t let this creepy crawlies infest your home. Now that you know how to tell if you have bed bugs in your mattress, call for help. Get rid of them as soon as possible.

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