5 Perfect Bedroom TV Ideas

There’s nothing like bingeing on your favorite series or enjoying a classic movie while you’re lazing in bed. Many of us have a TV in our bedrooms to give ourselves some privacy away from the family living room TV. But since bedrooms come in all shapes, sizes, and layouts, people are often stuck for bedroom TV ideas. Unlike the living room TV setup, glare from the window isn’t so much of an issue as you’ll likely be watching at night. But knowing where to place your bedroom TV for the ultimate in relaxing entertainment experiences can still be a dilemma.

Keep reading to learn some of the best ways to incorporate a TV into your bedroom decor.

  1. Custom Cabinetry

Save space in your bedroom by choosing storage cabinets with a custom space for your TV in the middle to make a feature of it. Or, if prefer not to have your TV on display, you could install it in a custom cabinet with closing doors.

Before you invest in custom cabinetry, make sure your TV placement is correct for optimal viewing pleasure.

If you’re wondering, “How far should you sit from a TV?”, it depends on screen size and TV quality. You’ll also need to make sure your antenna is pointing in the right direction—as detailed in this article.

  1. Wall-Mounted

A wall-mounted TV is a great way to save floor space while reducing the need for excess furniture in your bedroom.

Stuck on bedroom TV mounting ideas?

Placing your TV on a designer wooden back wall can add a unique touch to your space. Or, for something more contemporary and durable, you could mount your TV on a wall of colored fiber panels.

  1. Chest Topper

If there’s a chest opposite your bed, you could just place your TV on top. This is a quick and easy solution if you’re still figuring out the best place for your bedroom TV to go or don’t want to change the furniture around.

Of course, you’ll have to ensure that the chest is the proper height for TV viewing so you’re not straining your neck or eyes to see the screen.

  1. Room Divider

For larger bedrooms with multiple purposes, adding a wooden partition with a TV unit is a good way to divide the room.

This could be a dedicated TV unit, or you could add shelving around the TV for books, artwork, or other items. This will then highlight the different spaces in your bedroom while providing more structure to the sleeping area.

  1. Fireplace Fixture

If there’s a fireplace facing your bed, consider placing your TV above it on the mantle.

While many decorators believe that this look detracts too much from the room’s focal point, others love the contrast of a modern flat-screen TV above a traditional fireplace feature.

Get Inspired by these Bedroom TV Ideas

With these bedroom TV ideas to inspire you, it’s clear that there are plenty of different ways to install a TV in your bedroom.

But, whether you choose to incorporate your TV in the bedroom decor or prefer to hide it in a cabinet, lying back and catching up with your favorite show will always be the perfect way to wind down at the end of the day.

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