5 Ways to Save on Your Home’s Heating Costs

Are your heating costs creeping out of control? No matter what type of energy your heating system uses, keeping your home energy efficient and changing your behaviors can help knock down the costs.

When you make changes to your home, you put less strain on your HVAC system. It doesn’t have to work so hard or for as long to keep your home toasty warm.

Keep reading for five heat-saving tips.

  1. Buy Fuel Oil Strategically

If yours is one of the 5.5 million homes that use heating oil in the U.S., being strategic about how you buy it can help save money.

Avoid letting your heating oil supply get too low. Getting a quick delivery could be difficult and costly. Automatic deliveries help you maintain enough heating oil so you’re not in a crunch.

Filling your tank during the off-season could save you money since seasonal demand can increase prices in the winter. Keep an eye on the fuel oil prices, and fill up when the price is lower, even if you’re not low.

Check out this great guide to learn more about home fuel oil delivery.

  1. Fix Up Your Home

That to-do list that you’ve been ignoring could gradually increase your heating costs. Leaks and drafts around windows, doors, and your foundation let the cold air in. That forces your heating system to work harder to keep your space warm.

Windows can claim 25 to 30% of your heating and cooling costs because of heat gain and loss. Replacing old, inefficient windows can help your heating system work more efficiently. Adding insulation to your home can also help.

  1. Maintain Your System

Your heating system can only work at peak efficiency if you maintain it. Regular filter changes reduce the stress of the system to keep it running well.

At least a one-year professional inspection from an HVAC company helps keep your furnace running well. An HVAC pro can make small adjustments and check for problems that can decrease efficiency. By repairing those issues when they’re small, you save money on the repairs, increase energy efficiency, and prevent major problems that could force you to replace the system.

  1. Use Other Heat Sources

Let natural heat from the sun warm up your home when possible. Opening your curtains when the sun shines on a window helps heat the space so your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard.

Space heaters and fireplaces sometimes offer a more energy-efficient heating source that can warm areas of your home. This lets you lower your thermostat to reduce heating costs while still staying comfortable.

Even warm clothes and blankets can help when you lower your thermostat to save energy. Cuddle up under blankets to stay warm.

  1. Change Your Habits

Make changes to your habits to help your system run more efficiently, such as keeping your vents open without curtains or furniture blocking them. Lowering your thermostat a few degrees can use less energy to heat your home without sacrificing your comfort. Using flannel sheets and warmer blankets help you stay comfortable at night with your thermostat at a lower temperature.

Control Your Heating Costs

With changes to your home and habits, you can stay cozy and save money. Making your home as efficient as possible helps slash your heating costs and decreases the strain on your HVAC system.

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