Bees? Why You Should Call a Professional Exterminator

It can be alarming to discover a swarm of bees or a beehive on your property. Your first instinct may be to try to get rid of them yourself. However, it is never a good idea to try to deal with bees on your own. Doing so can end up causing a number of problems.

In this type of situation, it is always recommended that homeowners turn to professional bee exterminators. Many pest control companies employ exterminators trained in properly dealing with bees. Let’s go through some of the top reasons you should call a professional exterminator when you need assistance with bees on your property.


Many common pests are merely a nuisance. However, bees can be dangerous. Approaching a swarm of bees or a hive can result in multiple bee stings. Some types of bees, such as Africanized bees, can be extremely aggressive. These types of bees will pursue a perceived threat, and the entire swarm will sting. Some attacks by swarms of Africanized bees have been fatal.

This is one of the top reasons why hiring a bee exterminator is the best option. An experienced bee exterminator has the skills needed to deal with bees on your property in a safe manner. In addition, a bee exterminator will be equipped with the necessary gear to be safe from stings. When you see a beehive on your property, stay away from the area and don’t disturb the bees. Call a professional instead.

Correctly Identify the Bees

There are several different species of bees, but most people can’t tell one type of bee from another. Honeybees and bumblebees are very beneficial since they play an important role in pollinating flowers and plants. But, other species of bees are not helpful. A bee exterminator will assess the situation and determine what type of bees is on your property.

After determining the type of bees, a plan can be made. Since the population of honeybees and bumblebees is on the decline, these bees are usually relocated. As for other types of bees, you have the option to exterminate them. Also Read – How Do You Pick the Right Pest Control Service?

Proper Relocation of Beneficial Bees

Relocating a honeybee or bumblebee hive is not a simple or easy task. It is definitely not a DIY project for a homeowner. You can count on a bee exterminator to take all of the steps necessary to properly remove beneficial bees from your property.

Removing and relocating beneficial bees involves several steps, as well as specialized equipment. An exterminator will take care of bee relocation from start to finish. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that the bees are gone, but they will be moved to a place where they can continue pollinating plants.

Prevent Future Bee Problems

After dealing with a large beehive on their property, most homeowners do not want to go through the experience again. This is where a bee exterminator can be a valuable resource. A bee exterminator will work with you to apply measures to prevent a swarm of bees from establishing a hive on your property.

One measure that a bee exterminator may take is sealing off any access points to areas of your home where bees may establish a hive. There are also repellants to make your yard and home unattractive to bee swarms looking for a new place to live. Lastly, a bee exterminator will make sure that the honeycomb of a hive is removed so that the scent does not attract bees.


The last thing that any homeowner wants to deal with is a beehive on their property. If a bee colony decides to establish its hive in your yard or around your house, the first thing that you should do is call a reputable bee exterminator. Never make the mistake of trying to deal with bees on your own.

An exterminator will figure out the type of bee species in order to determine whether to relocate the hive or exterminate the colony. Then the exterminator will take all of the necessary steps to ensure that your property is bee-free. The last step of the process is to make necessary changes to help ensure that you never have to deal with an unwanted beehive again.