Why You Need a Two-Stage Furnace

One of the best ways to stay warm during the winter months is with a two-stage furnace. It provides consistent heat throughout the house, even if one area isn’t as cold as another. The first stage captures cold air from outside and gets it inside, where it warms up before being distributed through vents in every room of the house. The second stage kicks in when the first stage no longer provides enough heat to keep up with your needs.

Two-Stage Furnace

A two-stage furnace can keep your family safe and comfortable no matter what time of year it is. While most homes use single-stage furnaces, using a two-stage system is much more efficient and safer. But the question for many homeowners is: why invest in a two-stage furnace in the first place?

An Efficient and Cost-saving Way to Heat Your Home

These units offer more energy efficiency than single-stage heating systems do. They also provide the ability to heat your home with less fuel, gas, or electricity and lower utility bills. Two-stage furnaces work faster than other kinds of heating equipment, too. This is because the two-stage furnaces operate at a higher capacity for part of their cycle and then switch to low output when necessary.

Two-stage furnaces are better equipped than single-stage units to heat larger homes with multiple levels. They can work faster and more efficiently, making them a better choice for homes that need to be heated evenly. Furnace repair professionals note that you should pay attention to the recommended maintenance schedule to ensure you get the best performance possible out of your furnace.

Can Be Configured to Ensure Comfortable Temperature

Two-stage furnaces can be configured to ensure comfortable temperature by increasing or decreasing the heat as needed during different seasons. This is especially helpful in areas with hot summers and cold winters where you need to have a comfortable living environment all year long. These furnaces offer the benefit of adjusting their output levels easily when you change your thermostat settings.

This allows you to control how much heat is needed in different parts of your home at any given time, which saves you money. When you have a two-stage furnace, your home will be comfortable no matter what time of year it is because the system has multiple stages that allow for more flexibility when heating or cooling your home.

Quieter than Traditional Furnaces with Minimal Maintenance

A two-stage furnace is quieter than traditional furnaces because it doesn’t have all the moving parts found in a single-stage system. Even if you don’t care about how quiet your heating and cooling system is, at least the fact that there are fewer moving parts means that less maintenance is required down the road. They also have lower heating capacity than single-stage systems but are still big enough to handle most homes and can process large amounts of air in a short amount of time.

These furnaces also produce better indoor air quality inside your home because they can quickly heat up the air. This might be the perfect solution for you if you have allergies because it can heat up cold air before allergens start to circulate throughout your home. With a high-efficiency two-stage furnace, you get an efficient heating and cooling system that is simple to maintain over its lifetime.

Increase the Value of Your Property

Faster heating and cooling means your property is more valuable. For example, a home with a two-stage furnace can be listed for sale at a higher price than comparable homes without one. Why? Because the higher price reflects a furnace that saves you money and increases your comfort. If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, a two-stage furnace allows you to get a higher price for it.

Two-Stage Furnace

Not only that, but the increased comfort means you’re more likely to stay in your home longer and enjoy its benefits while strengthening your community ties. And if you plan on moving out of your current property soon – or want to sell it and move elsewhere – a two-stage furnace is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Consider a Furnace Upgrade

A two-stage furnace is a perfect way to upgrade your old, outdated system and enjoy more energy savings. You’ll get to enjoy the benefits of your furnace for many years to come and make sure your home is always comfortable. Just make sure to compare your options carefully before choosing a furnace brand and professional furnace installer to ensure you get the right furnace for your needs.