Essential Tips to Navigate the First Year as a Real Estate Agent

As a first-time in the real estate business, it is hard to predict how much money you will make in your first year. There are many things that determine your income in real estate, including your market, the entire state of the industry, agents you are against, how you manage your time, and much more. Many real estate agents usually quit during the first five years because of the numerous odds stacked up in the business.

To become successful, ensure you complete the licensing process, join the training, and employ new marketing strategies. And like any other kind of business, it is also good to set goals and make proper plans, work schedules, host houses and spend more of your time at the office. Indeed, hard work is a strategy that will lead to your success. Therefore, if you join property management companies chicago, focus on everything about this business. Here is some essential advice to help you make sound decisions for your real estate business.

Create your financial plan

Many upcoming real estate agents get warned that it will take around six months to earn their first paycheck, which most people ignore. Most new agents believe that they will make money faster than the average, something everyone should deeply rethink. While it would be impressive if you sold a house during your first month, you would still need a two-month escrow period to release your money. That makes it a lot of time, meaning you need to have a complete financial plan for everything in case things don’t flow as planned.

Write down your business plan.

Real estate is a business opportunity just like any other. That means agents in real estate should not treat it as a job but rather as a business if they wish to become successful. And being a business person, documentation of your dealings is essential. A documented business plan will help you set objectives for your firm and ways to reach them. Typically, the real estate agent’s business plans will include branding, finances, marketing, and maybe how operations occur. If you are new to this kind of business, ensure your plan includes how to get started.

Create an online presence

Today, every business has to find its place online because many people expect to see it there. Create a professional website like property management companies chicago and attach its social media presence to draw traffic to your business. In the contemporary world, failing to have a business website online is the biggest mistake. Besides, almost everyone has turned digital because a higher percentage can access online using their smartphones.

Be responsive but set boundaries with your customers

The real estate agent has no control over their schedules since you can have customers at different times of the day. Your clients can reach out to you via calls, email, text, or DM on social. That means you have to strike a balance by being responsive but setting boundaries when not comfortable. Also Read – Everything You Need to Know About Renovating Your Home


In the beginning of anything, everything seemed hard in all areas, and the real estate agent business was not an exception. But the fact that you are searching for advice for a better first-year experience in your career is a good sign. The tips provided in this article, plus genuine dedication, will give you success and a better experience in your first year as a real estate agent.