What To Expect When Hiring General Contracting Services: A Guide

With over 36,000 general contractors in the United States, it’s important to do your research and pick the right one if you need to hire one.

However, that’s hard to do if you’re not even sure what you should expect from general contracting services.

Read on to find out about the process of hiring one and how it should go.

The Consultation

The first thing that should happen when you contact a general contractor is a consultation. They should be able to set up a meeting time and place that works for you to discuss the project.

They should give you a detailed estimate of how much the project is going to cost. Because things can change, this bill itself may change, but the estimate should be a rough idea and they should be able to explain how everything adds up.

The general contracting service you choose should seem invested in your project and willing to learn about every detail so it goes smoothly. They should pick up on potential obstacles and find ways around them.

You should also, at this point, check that the contractor you’re hiring is licensed and insured. This is vital in the job to make sure that if anything goes wrong, it’s covered — and to verify that the professional really knows what they’re doing!


From the moment the work starts and your general contracting service begins to oversee it, you should expect up-to-date communication. While it’s not realistic to expect them to contact you every second of the day rather than do their job, the general contractor should provide frequent updates that keep you comfortably in the loop.

If this isn’t happening, feel free to reach out and ask for more regular updates. You should also be able to work out the best communication method for you, whether it’s phone calls, texts, etc.

Quality Work

You should also expect quality work from home contractors. They should be experts in their field if you did the research to pick the right one, and quick to sort out any problem that happens.

Stress-Free Problem-Solving

You should also expect stress-free problem-solving. Their job is to keep things running smoothly, and they do this by spotting the potential problems as they arise and fixing them so that the end result isn’t affected — and so that you don’t have to.

This is one of the main reasons that hiring a general contractor is very worth it.

Hiring General Contracting Services Is Worth It

The bottom line is that hiring general contracting services is very worth it. As with anything, however, it’s important to go into the job knowing exactly what to expect and what standards should be met by the person you hire.

As long as you keep these things in mind, you’ll have confidence in the process.

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