How to Know You Need a Wifi Extender in Your Home

A Pew Research Center poll indicates that 93 percent of Americans can use the Internet. Another study indicates that there are 454 million broadband subscriptions across the world. It is a technology that is widely used as it provides access to necessary services.

However, sometimes, even with a router to redirect broadband Internet in the home or office, the Wifi signal can still be unstable. In that case, a Wifi extender may be helpful. It’s not always easy to determine if you need one, other than an unstable signal.

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Why Extend a Wifi Signal

You will want a Wifi extender for your router if you feel like you aren’t getting enough stable Wifi connections. Even with a router, in many cases, the signal is hard to reach certain sections of the home. When you have dead spots in your home where your Wifi isn’t connecting, or keeps dropping, an extender is a good idea.

You will know you have dead spots if the Wifi signal in the room with your broadband router is high, if the signal is strongest there, and fades or drops in other rooms.

Wifi is Slower Than Broadband Ethernet Connections

If you have a desktop that is connected to a modem by an ethernet cable, you may find you have a really great speed there. The signal could be slower in other areas of the home.

Perform a speed test on the device that is connected to the ethernet, and on the devices using Wifi. You should see a difference. You may want to consider a Wifi extender if that speed isn’t high enough for you.

Backyard Access

For people that spend a lot of time outdoors at home, they want to be able to get Wifi on their homes outside. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t. With a Wifi extender, you may be able to get Wifi in the backyard. Use it to stream music, or even watch a movie on your iPad.

Invest in a Router

When you have broadband Internet, there is an excellent technology that can help you to get the best signal in your home. Routers are a staple in most homes, but a Wifi extender can take your Wifi strength up a notch. If you have a large home, want Wifi reach in the backyard, or find interference and physical objects getting in the way of your signal, consider an extender.