What Home Improvements Are A Great Way To Add Value To A Home?

When you have your own home, you will realize that even when you think you have done everything, there is always something that you will want to change! As with everything associated with your house, there are always some improvements that you could do that could potentially add some significant value to your home with the average value added being around 10%. But what are some of the best ways to add value?

Converting your loft/cellar

If anyone is wanting to improve the value of their home, then converting the loft or cellar is one of the best ways to increase the value. Not only is this a good option if you have the money available, but it also means that you don’t require any planning permission so work can start as soon as possible!

Depending on what you would like to do and the size of the job that it could potentially entail, this is definitely one of the improvements where advice from a professional, whether it’s from a business or an architect. Research and find the best possible ones whether this is through recommendations or looking online at reviews.

This is an incredibly important step, almost as important as the work itself. If any structural changes are required and you do not carry out thorough vetting/research, you are only increasing the chance of issues occurring, which will only lead to a lengthy no win no fee claim. Research is key!

Convert your garage

A good amount of time, you will usually see people’s garages filled with excess items that they either need to get rid of or are keeping for a ‘rainy day’. Rather than using this as a storage area, you could look at converting it into another room to increase the value of your home.

Similar to converting your loft/cellar, you will need to have an independent regulator come and have a look at the structure and whether or not it’s possible to convert it into a living space and if it meets the required regulations.

Improving your garden

You don’t just have to think about improving your home from inside the four walls, you can also look at improving the curb appeal of your garden. Tidying up your garden can not only help improve the general aesthetic of the home but also improve the overall price! Simple things like a new lick of paint, adding furniture or even a summer house can add value.

There are plenty of other areas you could look at improving when trying to increase the value of your home. These listed might not be the areas you’re looking to improve, but make sure you look around and research what you think is best!