What are Art Hanging Systems?

The increasing popularity of gallery walls in people’s homes has seen rising demand for specialist art hanging systems and an influx of innovative new solutions created to accommodate paintings, photos, and pictures in different homes. But what are these different options and how do they vary? Read on to explore the choices.

Picture Rails

Often mistaken as an architectural detail in old homes, picture rails are pieces of horizontal moulding on walls usually situated between 12-20 inches below the ceiling. They’re often the same colour as the wall to ‘blend in’ and have grooves or slots from which to hang pieces.

Picture rails are often already installed as standard in period properties, as they were a frequent feature in days gone by. They can also be stuck to walls with adhesives if they aren’t already in place. A whole variety of wall-mounted picture rails are now available including options for curved walls and in a range of different finishes.

Cords and Hooks

Not all art pieces are paintings in chunky frames that can be hung from a hook and a nail. A myriad of cord and hook products are now available to suit all kinds of specialist hangings, including cobra-ends, loop-ends, j-rail max hooks, and drop ceiling hooks.

Specialist art hanging cords and hooks can be used in conjunction with other bespoke hanging hardware such as plate hooks for secure display against rails and wall mountings.

Hanging Systems with Lighting

Some pieces look much better illuminated, and ambient lighting can really transform the look and feel of a room. This is particularly so in the evening when gentle illumination is more welcome than harsh lights.

Hanging systems with lights include mouldable spotlights powered by 12v supply wires running through the fixture. LED lamps are popular for low energy usage and high efficiency, and can simply be clicked in or out of the rails as required. Even if the art you’re hanging doesn’t necessarily require specialist lighting, the tailored illumination can lend a little glamour to the aesthetics of the room.

Adhesive Systems

Many of those living in rented or older properties are unable to drill into their walls to install standard hanging hooks and so a range of art hanging systems have now been made that rely on adhesives. Usually lined with paint-protective sticky material, adhesive solutions for picture hanging include hooks, poster pods, and full picture rails.

Whether a hole can be drilled into the wall of a property is dependent on the structural integrity and materials of the building as well as any stipulations made in a signed tenancy agreement. It is always recommended that advice is sought by anyone renting before irreversible changes are made to a property – and adhesive art hanging systems certainly ensure changes can be temporary. Also Read – How To Build A Retaining Wall Step By Step Guide

Bespoke Hanging Solutions

Of course, not every piece of art to be hung is a traditional painting in a frame. Sometimes a more bespoke approach may be required. Specialist hanging systems such as plate frames, pulley systems, upholstery hooks, and tense wire systems are all available for purchase from specialist retailers in the sector. If you’re unsure of what would work best for your pieces, seek advice – investing in the wrong system could only cause issues further along the line.

Hanging art throughout a home is a joy and can spark smiles and evoke cherished memories. Don’t risk your precious items falling down and being damaged. Instead, do a little research and find the most appropriate art hanging system for your home and collection so you can enjoy it all more and for longer.