Top 5 Overlooked Construction Logistics That Will Ruin Your Site

Effective construction logistics planning is imperative for optimal efficiency and productivity, two factors that are significant in reducing the final cost of a project. But in reality, only 30 percent of contractors finish projects on time and within budget.

More than two-thirds of construction businesses blame poor job site coordination for this. This is because those in charge of planning construction logistics often fail to take essential factors into account or overlook vital parts of the operational process.

But what are these commonly overlooked logistics? And how can you avoid them ruining your site too? Let’s take a look!

1. Scheduling

You’ll need materials to start work. But first, you’ll need workers and equipment to unload and store the materials. Then again, you don’t want workers hanging around for days with no materials or equipment to work with.

It’s these kinds of scheduling headaches that can often cause those responsible for planning construction logistics to come unstuck. Another common mistake is to underestimate how long various jobs will take or how much bad weather can hold things up.

Above all, good scheduling means allowing for some degree of flexibility as well as having backup options ready and waiting if something falls through at the last minute.

2. Material Storage

The best construction logistics plan should include a secure location for storing materials. Ideally, this location should remain the same throughout the whole project and be close to the worksite. Although easy access to materials ensures a smooth and seamless operation, material storage is an often overlooked part of the planning phase.

3. Waste Removal

Another of the biggest construction logistics mistakes is forgetting to factor in construction waste removal. The bigger the project, the more discarded debris you’re likely to have. And with nowhere to dispose of it, your work zone can soon become disorganized and even unsafe.

4. Traffic Flow

Many construction logistic plans fail to anticipate the volume of vehicles, equipment, and people that will need to cross the site.

An effective plan should include this information, as well as parking areas for the crew, and alternative routes and crossing areas for any pedestrians or public traffic. Preparing for all this ensures optimal safety for workers and the public, as well as traffic-free construction areas for greater efficiency.

5. Security

Construction site thieves get away with up to $1 billion in equipment and supplies every year. Such figures mean that it’s a huge albeit common mistake to overlook site security. Although it’s not possible to prevent all thefts, some measures worth adding to your construction logistics plan include installing fencing and motion sensors, hiring security guards, and removing keys and batteries from equipment.

Overlooked Construction Logistics

As this list shows, there are several key areas of construction logistics that often go overlooked.

But, now you’re aware of where many others go wrong, it should be a lot easier for you to avoid making the same construction logistics mistakes in the future.

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