The Damaging Effects of Pests On Your Home, Health

When you have pests in your home, it may seem like getting rid of them is an unending battle. In Virginia alone, there are hundreds of pests that can invade a home. One study showed that U.S. homes have a diverse range of insects, spiders, mites, and rodents, and many of them make our homes into their home as well. If you want to know the extent of the damage that pests can do and why you should look for reliable pest control in Lorton, read on to learn more.

Damage to Homes


Termites and other insects cause more than $5 billion in damages to U.S. homes annually, according to the National Pest Management Association. In fact, in a six-part video demonstration, NPMA’s entomologist showed that termites can eat almost anything.


Rats and mice are some of the most problematic pests that can do significant damage to homes. Mice can gnaw on almost anything they come across, particularly items that they find useful to serve as their nests. Books, clothing, and paper are just a few of these items. Rodents can burrow into upholstered furniture or nest in your ceiling’s insulation. They also can cause fire hazards around your home as they chew on electrical wiring.

Rodents like squirrels can chew holes in sidings and soffits to access your attic, and they can also make your chimney their home, particularly during the winter season. If you’re performing a yearly inspection or a home renovation, be sure to keep an eye out for these animals.

Effects On Health

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pests can pose serious threats to human health. Cockroaches, rats, fleas, and mosquitoes are just some of the common carriers of diseases, such as strep, salmonella, malaria, dengue fever, and Lyme disease, just to name a few. Rats can cause rabies and Leptospirosis. Pests are also notable for leaving behind fecal matter and skin sheddings that can get suspended in the air and cause allergies. In some cases, these can even contaminate food items in your home.

How to Prevent Pests From Causing Serious Damage

Admittedly, it is impossible to entirely get rid of pests. However, there are various steps for how you can prevent an infestation:

Maintain Cleanliness

Rodents and other pests are typically attracted to food, and maintaining a clean home is arguably the best way to deter them. Make sure that your countertops, cooking area, and garbage cans are rid of any items that will invite these pests. If you have carpeted floors, regular vacuuming can help eradicate pests and their eggs.

Seal It Off

As much as possible, all food items in your home should be stored in airtight containers to prevent any unwanted guests. Similarly, your trash should also have a tight lid to prevent pests from burrowing. Seal off all openings and cracks in your walls and vents to prevent them from invading your home.

Call in a Professional

Once you notice that there are pests in your home, it would be best to consult an exterminator to know the best way to prevent an infestation before it is too late.

Now that you are aware of the extent of damage pests can do to your home, keep your family safe by following these tips.