The Blueprint for Streamlined Construction: 5 Tips for Streamlining the Custom Home Building Process

Building a house is one of life’s most significant milestones. It can also be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. Some prospective homeowners go into the process not understanding the amount of time building a house can take.

While there’s no way to build a liveable house in an afternoon, there are some ways to speed up the process significantly. With the right amount of planning and foresight, you can minimize the amount of time it takes to build the house of your dreams. Here are five tips to help you speed the turnaround time on your turnkey home.

Opt for a stock house plan

One way to accelerate the house-building process is to choose your house layout from stock house plans. These are pre-made plans that include most of the features prospective home builders want.

In addition to saving time by eliminating the need to design a house layout, using a stock house plan has several other benefits. It reduces the cost of building a home by cutting out the price of custom design. Stock house plans offer a wide variety of layouts and styles, and they are designed based on popular features, dimensions, and configurations, making them easy to resell.

Plan your financing carefully

Another practice that can save a significant amount of time in the house-building process is planning the financing down to the penny ahead of time. Knowing the exact cost of the lot, the materials, and the labor before you start building is essential to avoid any nasty surprises once you’ve signed on the dotted line.

Many home-building projects meet a roadblock when the prospective owners realize they have under-budgeted. When the homeowner has to scramble to procure funding at the last minute, delays are inevitable.

Handle the red tape early

Red tape is an unavoidable aspect of building a house. All of the correct permits and licenses must be filed. The process differs from state to state and from one neighborhood or zone to the next.

Do your research early and find out every piece of registration, permit, and other state or local requirement for your building project. You don’t want to stop the construction clock to wait for the proper paperwork to clear.

Team up with the right people

Choosing the right crew is equally important in speeding the process of building a house. The professionals you will work with to make your home will play the most impactful role in the time it will take to build your new home.

Choose your building professionals carefully. See what former clients have to say about their work and ensure they are appropriately licensed in your area. Go over any contracts carefully, preferably with an attorney. Advance research is the way to ensure you get along like a house on fire instead of getting burned by your contractor.

Stay out of the way

Once the crew gets to work on your new home, you will be tempted to stop by frequently and see how it’s coming along. Resist that temptation.

Your presence on the worksite will only slow things down. To put it bluntly, you’ll be in the way. Limit your visits to the construction site and make yourself as unobtrusive as possible when checking up on your future abode.

Planning Is Key

While building a new house can be stressful and time-consuming, it is also one of the most exciting endeavors a person can undertake. Meticulous planning and careful research can help make the process as painless and speedy as possible. Follow these tips to avoid stepping on toes while you step over the threshold.