Remote Working 101: How to Stay Sane When Working from Home

Are you joining the ranks of remote workers? Working from home seems like the perfect situation, but it also means you’ll face lots of distractions. Remote working takes discipline to stay focused. If you have kids, pets, or a partner at home, it can be even more challenging. Working remotely can also make it difficult to leave work behind completely since you live and work in the same space.

Keep reading to learn tips to stay sane while doing remote working jobs.

Freshen Up Your Workspace

A dedicated workspace, whether it’s a desk in a corner or a complete home office in a separate room, is a must to work at home effectively. No matter what your setup, it needs to set you up for success.

Refreshing your office can make you feel more comfortable and productive. Using color psychology, choose decor colors that help you feel energized and productive.

Blue is known as a color that supports productivity and can help you feel calm. Red can help you feel alert and productive. Yellow can work well if your job is creative and can create a positive environment.

Adding wall decor, plants, and other decorations can make your home workspace feel more inviting. Updating furniture and decluttering or organizing your space can help. You can read on here to learn more ways to refresh your home office.

Figure Out What Works for You

Everyone has different preferences on work environment, sounds, and other elements. You might like a clean, uncluttered desk, or you might like to be surrounded by motivational posters and your favorite decorations. Some people like complete silence while others prefer music or white noise.

Depending on your job requirements, you might have the option of working from a coffee shop or coworking space. Some people find those environments distracting.

Paying attention to the things that work best for you helps you increase your productivity and focus. If you’re constantly distracted, you’ll likely feel unproductive and frustrated.

Establish Boundaries

When you work at home, it’s easier to get distracted. It’s also easier to work longer hours since your office is always there.

Set boundaries with your family to avoid interruptions during your work time. Set boundaries for yourself, including having set working hours. Once you’re done, put away your work and focus on your home life.

Take Breaks

Give yourself regular breaks just like you would with regular office jobs. Those breaks help you stay sane and make it easier to focus when you return to work. If you get caught up in watching TV, washing laundry, or doing other tasks around the house during breaks, set a timer to remind yourself when it’s time to go back to work.

Stay Connected

When you’re a remote worker, you can feel disconnected from your colleagues, especially if they all work in the office. Keep communication open with them to stay informed on what’s happening in the office.

Another outlet is to connect with other remote workers, whether online or local people who telecommute. Other remote workers understand your struggles and might have ideas to make your work easier.

Excel at Remote Working

Remote working is easier when you take a strategic approach to keep your sanity. Boundaries, structure, and breaks go a long way to help you balance your work.

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