How to Prepare Your Home for Sale in 2022

Whether it’s time to upgrade to a bigger property, relocate to another state for work or simply cash in on your investment, there are several reasons why you might decide to put your house on the market.

In a buyer’s market, prospective purchasers have the luxury of a plentiful supply of properties to view at relatively low prices. With many homeowners seeing their property listed for longer than they would like it is worth doing what you can to make your home stand out from the competition.

In this article, we will look at some helpful things you can do to make your home sell fast.

Declutter and Depersonalize

Give prospective buyers a great first impression as they step through your doors by making your home as tidy and presentable as possible. Decluttering each room is a great way to lighten the load for your upcoming move, along with creating a sense of spaciousness.

Cluttered closets and messy bedrooms are not only visually unattractive, but also make it difficult for potential buyers to picture themselves in your property. The process of depersonalizing your home can be incorporated as part of the decluttering process helping to bring neutrality to your space.

Take Care of Repairs

There’s nothing more off-putting to a prospective buyer than a piece of furniture breaking or a doorknob coming off in their hands. To save both parties the risk of this happening, make sure to inspect your home for any areas that need attention such as faulty electrics, leaky faucets or unsightly stains on carpets or walls. Many of these small jobs can be easily fixed by visiting your local hardware store or by hiring a handyman to tend to.

Home Staging

Home staging is one of the best ways to prepare your home for sale and is the process of arranging your home to accentuate its finest features and present it in the most favorable light possible.

According to industry analysis, staged homes sell faster and for more money than unstaged homes so it is worth hiring the help of a staging company to showcase your property especially if you have limited time or experience in these matters.

By rearranging furniture, adding décor and other aesthetic techniques, staging can give buyers a great first impression of your home and help it to stand out from the rest. This is particularly helpful when there are similar properties in your area that are also on the market.

Curb Appeal

Boosting the curb appeal of your home is another all-important way for you to make your home more desirable to prospective buyers. As this is the first glimpse viewers will have of your property it’s important that it looks as welcoming and as well-maintained as you can. A good example is this property at Old Mill Road Lake Forest Il.

In a study published by Consumer Reports, outdoor improvements, such as adding a patio or a deck, trimming overgrown shrubs or replacing worn-out siding can give your home an instant facelift, increasing its value by 3% to 5%.

Simple ways to spruce up the exterior of your home include brightening your porch with outdoor light fittings such as wall sconces, post lights or lanterns. If space permits, add some furniture to your porch such as a swing or rocking chair to give a relaxed and inviting feel to your place of residence. Repaint your front door with an attractive new color and add shrubs or flowers to your window ledges or doorway.

With these small touches, you can greatly enhance the overall look of your home, increasing its appraised value and attracting interest from more buyers.

Siding Repairs

Tired or dilapidated siding can be an instant turn-off to people who come to view your property so it is worth updating this feature. Over time, siding can begin to fall apart and attract dirt which can lead to unsightly stains, especially if your home is in a big city or is located close to a main road.

In some cases, your siding can be easily uplifted by scrubbing any grime off and power washing it clean or refreshing faded siding with a new coat of paint. However, in more severe situations where your siding has begun to sag or come off it is worth removing it completely and replacing it with a more contemporary and long-lasting material such as hardwood, vinyl or fiber cement.


To make your lawn appear as healthy, lush and vibrant as possible make sure to take care of it as much as possible by feeding, mulching and removing weeds from it. However, this does require some time and effort throughout the year, so short of having a gardener to tend to this for you, consider replacing your lawn with artificial turf which requires little to no maintenance to look bright green and freshly cut no matter the season.

Make sure your shrubs and hedges are neatly manicured by trimming them before they become overgrown and plant some flowers to add a pop of color, beauty and cheer to your front yard.

Roof Repairs

Adding a new roof to your property will not only make it look great but can also increase your home’s appraisal value.

The lifespan of a roof will vary from property to property depending on the material used. In general, you can expect your roof to last about 30 years. However, over time it can begin to fade, become damaged due to adverse weather or have missing parts.

Make sure to repair any damage to your roof and replace missing or broken shingles or tiles. Clean out the gutters with a blower to remove any leaves, gunk or debris. This will prevent them from getting clogged up, causing drainage problems.
A well-maintained roof will help your house look good as new as potential buyers approach and will also alleviate any concerns they may have regarding leaks, water damage, and other structural issues that can arise from a neglected roof.


As soon as potential buyers step on your driveway they will be assessing your home so make sure your driveway is in the best condition it can be. Use a powerwasher to blast through any dirt or grime on paving stones and replace any damaged or broken pieces.

Remove weeds between paving and apply sealing to an asphalt driveway to prevent cracks and give it an impressive finish. Without this protective layer, your driveway can begin to look dilapidated bringing down the appearance of your property.

Follow the tips in this article to make your home market-ready.