Things You Can Do to Make Your Home Sell Fast

For many homeowners, selling a house can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you need to sell quickly. The time it takes to sell your home will depend on various factors, including your strategy, your home’s condition, and its marketability in the eyes of potential buyers. The price you set is also a large factor. Luckily, here are a few tips to help you close that home sale faster and perhaps get better returns from it.

1. Spring Clean and Remove Clutter

Dirt and clutter can make your home unappealing to potential buyers. If you have old unused items lying around in the backyard, corridors, or hallways, it’s time to dispose of them. As you deep clean every room, consider removing any old furniture, religious items, and family photos from the vicinity. Getting rid of such personal items will help viewers and potential buyers envision themselves as the owners.

2. Do Some Cosmetic Upgrades

Even if you’re selling your home to a flipping investor, a few cosmetic home upgrades will go a long way in getting you a better offer quickly. Make sure to fix any loose tiles, repair leaky faucets, and give your house a good paint job. Conduct some research on home staging tips to help spruce up your home for a faster sale.

3. Price It Well

Your asking price will also determine the time between listing and closing your home sale. Before setting the price, be sure to conduct thorough research on the local real estate market. Find out how much the comparable properties have sold for over the last six months. Also, consider the keywords used by potential buyers when searching for property, such as “under $500”. In this case, pricing your home at $501K could easily lock you out.

4. Showcase It Online

The internet is home to the largest marketplace for property sales. To reduce the timeline, consider showcasing your home on several platforms apart from real estate listing sites like Zillow. Make sure to have a powerful listing description alongside professional photographs of the property.

If you are in the flipping business, sites like yelp will come in handy, but sure to keep track of your business listing. It’s a fierce world out there, and some competitors can be savages. Arming yourself with tips on getting Yelp reviews removed can help you stay ahead of the game. This could be the reason your property is taking too long on the market.

5. Work With a Reputed Realtor

When selling a home, you can either sell as for sale by the owner (FSBO) or use a listing agency. FSBO can be faster when selling your home for cash. On the other hand, an experienced real estate agent can help your home close faster, but at a commission. They are well connected and may help convince buyers to sign the deal sooner than you would have on your own.

Finally, if you’re really pressed for time, virtual walkthroughs and 3D tours are also worth considering. Remember to time your property sale right and ensure flexibility in your showings. Offering incentives like covering inspection fees or closing costs can also help convince potential buyers.