How to Choose the Best Roofing Company

Fixing or replacing your home’s roof is a big commitment. The roof tends to be an expensive piece but it is also a very important piece of a house so you cannot cut corners when it comes to repairing work. Now the real question is: How do you know which roofing company to choose? Many people will choose a roofing company based on price due to having a tight budget. Although price does matter there are also things to consider because a well-done roof that costs a bit more originally will save you money in the long run compared to a cheaply done roof. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a roofer.

1. Insurance and Licenses

One major piece to look for right off the bat is a roofer’s insurance, licenses, and certifications. You would think that every roofer will be up to date on this; however, there are some people out there that are operating their business without the requirements and they just hope no one will dig enough to realize this. Requirements for this differ depending on which state you are in so you will need to do some quick research when you start your journey to find a roofer. Make sure you know what is required and do not be afraid to ask the company what they have before hiring them. You should also know what insurance they have because the type of insurance they have for their company may determine what they will cover if they do any damage to your house.

2. Affiliations

There are many different affiliations that roofing companies can have. The National Roofing Contractors Association is a group that is held in high regard in the roofing industry. They provide training and certifications for roofers so if a roofer is a part of the NRCA you can feel comfortable using them. Another affiliation that is respected in the field is Owens Corning. They are a manufacturer of roofing materials and they also have their own training and certifications. A company can become an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor. This means that Owens Corning has reviewed the company and their practices and found that they are reputable and knowledgeable. If a roofer has any affiliations they will most likely have them listed somewhere on their website or you can also ask.

3. Reviews

Reviews and recommendations are always a great place to look when choosing a roofer for your home. Ask around to your friends and neighbors and see if they have someone they recommend or even someone they would not recommend. Read Google reviews. Check a company’s Better Business Bureau page. You can also post in Facebook groups for recommendations. Another thing to keep an eye out for are homes with yard signs of different roofers. If you see a house and you like its roof then check to see if they have a yard sign with the roofer’s information. Make sure to ask people to review not only the product but also the customer service and how long it took.

4. Guarantees

With a project as big as a roof make sure to ask the roofing company about guarantees. How long do they estimate it will take? Is there a money-back guarantee if there is a problem? How long is the warranty? These are all important to know before hiring a roofer. You should also have them written down in a contract so that there is no question. Things can happen and even the best roofer can make a mistake or a piece of material could malfunction you want to make sure you have some kind of warranty on the roof before beginning the process. Knowing all of this and having it written down will protect both you and the roofer if anything were to occur down the road.

5. Clean Up

One thing that is important but you may forget to ask is about clean-up. How will the roofing company keep your property clean? Is there anything you will need to dispose of? Do they take care when throwing old materials away to make sure it does not get left on your property? This is something you can also ask about when checking reviews. You want to make sure any old nails or shingles are disposed of properly so that you don’t find them in your yard. Also Read – Benefits Of Installing Solar Shades

6. Shop Around

Just because you receive an estimate from one roofer does not mean you are tied down to them. It can be helpful to get a few different estimates from reputable companies. This way you can not only find one in your budget but also you can make sure that nobody is overcharging you. If you find that one company is charging an extreme amount more you can have the other estimates to compare it.

7. Check Their Website

A fairly simple one is to check the company’s website. Usually, companies will have photos of previous work and reviews on their site. It will also help you get to know the company and what they offer. If you need more than just roof repair check what else the offer is because it may help with the cost if the same company does all the work. You can also use their website to decide on roofing materials. If you are stuck between more than one kind they may have some information to help you choose. Also, you’ll want to make sure they even offer the material that you want.

In conclusion, repairing or replacing your roof is a big step and you need to make sure that the roofer you choose is up to the task. You do not want to choose just any random company and then find yourself unhappy with the results and out a lot of money. Doing your due diligence beforehand will make the process a lot smoother and help you avoid headaches. Choosing an experienced roofer with good reviews and great customer service will help you achieve the roof of your dreams.