Benefits Of Installing Solar Shades

There are many benefits to installing solar shades on the exterior of your home. Shade trees, large shrubs, and bushes growing alongside windows can be a good source of shade during hot summer months, but they block sunlight which transfers energy into homes during cold winter months. Blocking out sunlight coming through glass without the use of blinds or curtains can save you money by reducing the amount of electricity needed to cool indoor spaces during the summer.

Solar shading will also make your interior spaces more comfortable, providing an ideal environment for family and friends. So, what are some benefits of installing solar shades? Read this article to explore six benefits that come with adding solar window shades to your home exterior!

Reduce Heating Costs – A common misconception about solar windows is that they cool your home. In reality, windows with a low U-value can reduce heat transfer across the window and help keep homes warmer in cold weather. Installing low-U value windows with solar shades could potentially save homeowners hundreds a year on their energy bills.

Reduce glare – Solar window shades lower the amount of sunlight hitting your eyes, reducing eye strain and headaches, especially for those with migraines triggered by light exposure. Reducing glare also reduces the brightness of a television or computer screen, making it easier for your eyes to relax after a long day at work. Not to mention, reducing glare will also protect your furniture and interior décor from fading.

 Solar window shades are ideal for these climates because they limit heat gain during the summer, making it easier for your home’s cooling systems to maintain comfortable temperatures. Solar window shades can also protect you from the harsh summer sun and reduce the amount of time needed for your cooling system to cool your home – perfect for those that heat and cool their homes.

Increase Property Value – Using solar shades as a form of energy efficiency is one of the most popular reasons homeowners choose to install them. When energy-efficient features are included in a home’s construction, they can add value to your property when it comes time to sell.

Customizable Style – There are many different solar window shades available with subtle differences in how shading is applied across windows or doors. You can choose between an array of colors, styles, and materials to find the best fit for your home’s exterior.

Customizable Positioning – Many homeowners choose to have solar shades installed on windows to reduce glare, not realizing they can also be used on doors and skylights. By positioning shades in different ways, you can further customize shadings solutions to meet your needs! For example, some homeowners prefer the extra privacy that comes with having shades installed across doors instead of windows.

If you’re interested in installing solar shades for your home, look for reputable dealers that manufacture their shades. You can find one online or by asking around. If you’re still unsure, ask the dealer to send you some examples of their work and take a look at them before making your final decision.