Home Improvement That Will Increase Your House Value

The common reason to do home renovations is to add value to you or others if you decide to sell your home. For resale, ensure the improvement cost is cheaper than the cost of the house to get a high return on investment.

Finish The Basement

A basement has many uses, and that’s why most buyers and Asheville North Carolina realtors prefer finished basements. Depending on the size of the house, the basement may not cost a lot. Install the drywall, flooring, and paint.

Replace The Garage Door

Replacing your garage door with an upgraded model will add some percentage to your home’s value. The modern garage doors are made of durable materials like aluminum, steel, and energy-saving insulation and glazing. A wood composite or fiberglass can also serve the purpose.

Make A Laundry Room

The common laundry areas are the stairs, kitchen, basement, or garage. However, this trend has changed. Most home buyers are looking for a laundry room that is easily accessible from the bedrooms and hallway.

Put in A Smart Thermostat

More and more buyers are going for the latest home technologies, such as a smart thermostat. This device allows you to adjust your home’s energy consumption. You can also use your mobile device to turn on and off some appliances when out of the house. Look for a qualified HVAC contractor to do the installation.

Repaint The Exterior

You can repaint the whole exterior or touch up parts with chips if you are on a budget. Painting the front door and trim will also add value to your house. Also, ensure to pressure wash the entire exterior to remove debris, molds, and dust.

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen plays a major role when you want to get greater returns. Installing stainless and energy-efficient appliances, getting new countertops, and painting the cabinets are some of the affordable improvements that can make a big difference. You can also update your kitchen flooring and sinks.

Set up Energy Efficient Features

Research shows that most home buyers go for energy-efficient appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines to save energy and money. Fit your house with energy-efficient windows and insulating glass.

Bathroom Remodel

Some minor bathroom remodels such as updating lighting, tiles, counters, and toilets can give you a good return. You can also get new bathroom fixtures like faucets, drawer knobs, and pulls to give your house a classic look.

Add A Stone Veneer

This is one of the most rewarding home improvement practices. A stone veneer is an artificial stone shaped in molds. Though it resembles and is installed like real stone, the stone veneer updates the old exterior and boosts the curb appeal. Even if you refinish one part of your home, you will still reap the benefits.

You don’t necessarily have to undertake a major home improvement to add value to your house. Revamp your kitchen, bathroom, repaint the exterior, install energy-efficient features and upgrade your garage door. Seek expert advice or research online instead of assuming that a certain remodel will add to your home value.