Guide to Designing the Perfect Alfresco Dining Entertainment Space

When it comes to our outdoor spaces, they have certainly become more than the simple widespread lawn in the backyard with the clothesline and the kennel for the family dog.

These days our outdoor areas have often become an extension of our homes, particularly our communal living rooms, with the space facilitating a variety of different functions, depending on our interests, family dynamic, or the general size.

However, the main area and purpose that people use their outdoor location these days are as a dining and entertainment zone.

From inviting friends round for a barbeque to that a Sunday or Christmas lunch banquet there are several ways that you can make an alfresco dining and entertainment space a welcoming and enjoyable experience.

Therefore, let me give you some design tips on how to bring the comfort of your kitchen, dining, and living out into nature while making it cozy and pleasant for all.

Add a source of warmth:

A great way to make sure you produce the ultimate alfresco dining and entertainment area is by making sure it can be accessible and inviting all year round.

A wall-mounted gas heater can be the perfect solution to the colder months as we creep further into winter, and still make your alfresco entertaining zone a comforting and attractive place to enjoy the natural environment around you.

Including a basis for warmth also allows you and your guests to have a central gathering point where they can mingle while feeling warm and a means of contentment.

Make sure your furniture suits the elements:

When designing your alfresco dining and leisure space, it is wise that it is provided with comfortable furniture. This can make it quite tempting to inhabit.

It is also best to make sure that any furniture you place outdoors will be able to handle the natural environmental conditions.

This includes some basic and regular maintenance that will allow it to look its best all year round and last for many years.

These involve things such as giving it a thorough cleaning and you can also shield them in vinyl covers on a regular basis so that they don’t stain as easily.

It is also wise to make sure that upon buying your furniture, you check to make sure it is suitable for your environment.

These can include things such as resistance to heat retention if you live in a warm climate, as certain issues could make the furnishings sensitive or unsafe to touch or sit in after long periods. Also, Read – What are the Essential Interior Design Tips?

Encase a means of shade and privacy:

When planning out your outdoor layout, allow for means of shade, as this not only gives you a means of restraint over the weather but also allows you to shield out those who aren’t welcome.

Including those such as awnings and window coverings helps you to keep out those who may be nosy or when you just purely want some time to yourself.

If you already have an undercover area that is part of the house, this can be a great place to situate your dining and entertainment, as it will not be affected by summer gales, storms, or other meteorological phenomena.

Make room for ample storage:

When extending your living space into the outside world, especially if you plan to use it for dining and as a kitchen area, the one thing that you shouldn’t slack on is that of good space to keep everything you need nice and tidy.

By investing in decent storage for your outdoor dining and kitchen, you can make sure that your patio or verandah is the ultimate location for a family meal or a celebratory occasion, such as Christmas or a birthday.

These can include those such as trolleys for transporting and stocking dishes outside, provided you have covers, such as cafe blinds. Outdoor cabinetry is also a helpful way to store your crockery and dining items.

Take lighting into consideration:

When mapping out the design of your alfresco entertainment space, it is always good to assess the use of light within the area. You don’t want to be eating your dinner in the dark if you can help it.

This is not only to make the area more appealing and attractive but also to serve a practical and functional purpose.

Beams can create a contemporary look over the dining area, which provides a practical source while stringing fairy lights from a high area or curving them around a post can create a luminescent means of ambiance that makes your alfresco dining experience all that more magical.


Hence, when it comes to formulating your ultimate outdoor dining room, it is a wise idea to think about the elements of warmth, light, shade, and storage.

This way you can have an exterior dining room that is usable all year round.