7 Signs Your AC Needs Repairing

You know it’s going to happen during an intense summer heatwave when you push your system beyond its capabilities. That’s right, the AC unit just broke down. Having a working AC unit is important to your family’s health and comfort. You can easily avoid issues through regular maintenance. Being able to identify issues early can help save you money. Throughout this article, we will outline signs that your AC needs work.

Pushing Out Warm Air

You purchased your AC unit for the sole purpose of keeping your household cool during hot weather. Therefore, when your unit starts bellowing out hot air, you need to consider calling out the professionals such as Tulsa air conditioning repair. This is one of the most obvious tells that your unit needs a repair.

Defunct AC Thermostat

Your AC thermostat is the command center of the entire system and it measures efficiency. If your unit begins to blow out hotnair for a short time or shuts down sporadically, it can indicate a defunct thermostat. In the event of a thermostat shut down, you should call in professionals as it may need replacing.

Loud Internal Noises

If your AC is turned on and churning out loud grinding, squealing, or scraping noises, it points to an issue with slipping belts inside the system. This issue can lead to larger problems and requires a call-out immediately.

Limited Vent Airflow

In the same way that you need your system to push out cool air, you need it to flow. If air is coming out of the vents at a weak rate, it indicates an issue with a failing compressor or duct issues. With the problem having so many causes, it’s best to just call out a professional.

Funky Smells

The last thing you want is a lovely cool home with a side of horrid smells. Strong smells being pushed out by the system can indicate burnt-out wires. Alternatively, musty smells can point to mold residing somewhere in the system. If this is the case, contact the professionals immediately because it can lead to sickness in your household.

Remaining Humidity

One of your AC’s fundamental jobs is to reduce humidity, even in low-humid environments. All hot weather climates hold moisture in the air that your system is supposed to eradicate. Therefore, if you have your AC running and notice moisture in the air, you should call out for a repair.

Increased Electric Bill

You likely know how much electricity your system consumes with normal usage. So, if you notice massive spikes in your bill without increased activity, you know that something is wrong and it’s time to call someone out to take a look.

AC issues aren’t ideal and can lead to adverse health conditions and sweltering heat levels. Knowing how to spot common problems can help you get it looked out early, which will save you a fortune. The best way to avoid these issues is to have your AC unit maintained regularly.