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Are you bored of traditional color palettes in your home? Well, in that case, you can opt for glitter grout. So, glitter grout helps you to create a unique effect that is going to be a trademark of your home. You can reflect on your personality by such a usage. Moreover, it makes your boring lounge or dining spaces look really cool and welcoming. So, you get a break from the monotony of bland walls because you are using sparkly glitter. Moreover, you can use it both indoors and outdoors to shift the attention from mismatched stones. However, the question is what is grout and what is so special about glitter grout. Therefore, the ensuing sections will deal with it.

What is grout?

So, grout is basically a filler material. Therefore, masons place grout in between tiles, or stones, or other materials. Now, you use all of these materials for decorative purposes on the surface of the wall. So, grout ensures that the tiles are properly in place and hold them together in place. Moreover, grout also ensures that the edges of the tiles are safe from damage. However, if you think of grout as only a basic construction material, you definitely lack an artistic vision. If you think at a larger scale, your home that you build with such efforts is nothing but a canvas that you must decorate and beautify. Now, grout can play an important role here. Therefore, you can practically use grout as a material to design your homes.

How is grout a design item and what is glitter grout?

So, if you think of the walls – both inside and outside as the canvas, you can easily consider the tiles and the grout as the medium with which you will create art. Grout is an excellent thing that you can use to bring to shape your customized ideas since it is not a solid material. Therefore, in this way that you can give your home an extremely personal touch. Get in touch with someone who understands design properly. This is because they will help you select the correct combination of tiles and grout that you need to create your design. Moreover, you also need to select the most suitable items for your walls.

So, the tiles that you select definitely form the overall decor of your room. However, the grout can lift the look of the tiles. Moreover, they can give an accent to the tiles and form patterns. Now, in current times, modern designs have gained a lot of popularity amongst customers. Now, one of the most hit modern designs is a sparkly, glittery appearance. So, in order to fulfill this look, you must start at something as basic as the grout. Therefore, you can use glitter grout to make the overall look very appealing. So, glitter grout is nothing different from normal grout. The only addition glitter grout has is the glitter part. So, a mixture of glitters is embedded in the grout in this case.

Now, there are various designs owing to how you want to use the glitter grout. You can use them as a part of floor, indoor, or countertop designs. However, there are also designs for your bathroom. Moreover, there are stone and natural stone designs that are the best for the outdoors. In the next sections, we’ll see more of these.

Glitter grout for tiles

There can be various ways you can use glitter grout for your tiles. Moreover, they are very easily available in all tiles and marble shops. However, before you begin with the process, it is very important that you have a root idea which you want to develop. Since we use glitter grout mostly for customization, doing a patch test is always a great idea. So, before you directly put the grout on the walls, get a spare tile and check how the texture looks. Now for glitter grout ideas on tiles, there are many but they depend chiefly on the material you are selecting that you want the grout to bind together.

The glitter grout that you use for tiles has silicones in the grout. Now, these are Staffordshire silicones that you find in the UK. So, they are not quite cheap. You can add glitter to grout at home. However, it is a difficult process and needs a lot of caution. Therefore, getting hold of an expert is the best process.

Glitter grout for walls ideas

Now, you can go for small blocks or squares. You can have a glossy finish. Moreover, they may come in different colors in a pattern. Now, you can use silver glitter grout to bind them together in a single slab. So, this looks both elevated as well as has an accent to it. As a result, it looks interesting and sparkling. Moreover, these may look outstanding if you can arrange the proper lighting.

Another idea is having small stones, say, black, and again using a blackish or greyish glitter grout to bind them together. This would look totally unique and would serve as an excellent tile set-up for your kitchen or even a section of your drawing room. You can even bind uniform brick pieces with glitter grout and use them on a single wall. So, if you paint the other colors in a plain and single color, this textured wall would provide great contrast. So, you can use this wall as something striking in your lounge or drawing-room.

Glitter grout for floor tiles

Now, choosing glitter grout for floor tiles might be a little bit tricky. This is because when you choose a pattern for your floor, you just can’t choose anything. So, you have to keep a number of considerations in mind. First of all, you have to make sure that the tile is smooth and the grout does not create any kind of non-uniformity on the floor. So, choose only simple tiles or wooden blocks with enough space. Therefore, the glitter can fit in properly without being lumpy.

Moreover, choose glitter grout of lighter colors because you do not want excessively sparkly floors. Finally, if you are using glitter grout for wall tiles too, make sure it is not the same for the floor tiles. Therefore, choose at least a shade or two lighter glitter grout for the floor. This would give the entire room a nice gradient. However, do not choose completely different glitter grouts for the wall and floor tiles. That would look very clumsy.

Glitter grout Additive

So for any grout and not just glitter grout, you have to ensure that the style of the tiles and the color of the grout go really well. It is important to not make your wall look like a complete mess. However, there is another factor that you need to take care of, for any grout. You have to ensure that the grout is sealed properly. So, there must be no growth of mold or mildew. Therefore, glitter grout is no exception. So, when you or an expert in mixing the grout, make sure you mix it using an additive instead of just water. So, firstly an additive will be a better preservative. This is because water invites bacterial growth.

Secondly, water would make the grout thin and pulpy. The color too would fade away easily. On the other hand, an additive would make the glitter grout stronger and preserve its color. The process is the same for cementitious, furan resin, or epoxy grout too. Now, when we are considering cementitious grout, we can use different grouts that fall under it. So, these include both sanded and unsanded grout. Both of them come from powers that are used to bind tiles. However, unsanded grout has a smoother texture. They generally have seams that are between 1/16 to 1/18 inches in breadth.

Tec Power Grout

If you are looking for a gritty texture, go for sanded grout. These have large particles and make the tiles sturdy. In this case, the seams need to be at least ⅛ inch wide. Tec Power grout is one of the best-sanded grouts that you can find. It has an in-built sealer, additive, as well as micro-sand. It is the Tec Power Grout that elevates the quality of your grout. So, it provides resistance to different kinds of stains. These can work for as long as 15 years. Moreover, they are efficient if you are using glitter grout as well.

Glitter grout pen

So, we can draw an easy comparison to see how this works. Suppose, a part of your bedroom wall paint has worn off. So, you can simply use a highlighter, a marker, or some water or acrylic color to manage the patch. You would definitely not buy a bucket of wall paint for that much. However, when you have to paint an entire room, you would definitely not rely on markers or art school colors. So, this is similar to glitter grout pens.

Therefore, if a part of your glitter grout has worn off from the wall or floor tiles, you can use a glitter grout pen. However, you must use these pens only if the grout needs a touch-up. If you feel that the grout has completely worn off, or you need a thorough cleaning, contact an expert. In that case, using pens might be a total mess. Moreover, what you need to remember is that a glitter grout pen is only a temporary solution to small damage. So, it would not last for long.

Glitter Grout

Glitter grout Bathroom

The best grout you can use for bathrooms is epoxy grouts. This is because they are resistant to water. Moreover, they are made of resin. So, they do not need an additional sealing material, unlike cementitious grouts. It is also extremely durable and resistant to stains. Now, epoxy resins are great for design and decoration. They are widely used to paint, press flowers, and add glitters. People cast them and then dry them to wear as jewelry even. So, glitter casts perfectly with epoxy grout and looks great. So, if you are having blackish or dark greyish tones for your bathroom, you can always go for some silver epoxy glitter grout. On the other hand, for white or wooden colors, golden glitter would go better. You may add patterns here as well for beautification with the glitter grout.

Glitter Grout

Glitter grout colors

So, you can find several basic colors in glitter grout. However, there is no doubt that the metallic color ones are the most widely available. They are also the most popular ones as they go with most colors and designs for easy contrast. So, these include golden or silver glitter grout. However, they are not the only colors that you may find. You can also find colors like pink, blue, and red. However, always keep in mind two things. Firstly, consider the space where you want to use the glitter grout. Secondly, keep in mind the overall theme and pattern that you want to have. So, do not choose colors arbitrarily. They may look both out of place and very disparate. If tiles and the glitter in grout do not blend properly, there is no purpose for using it at all. The glitter must organically fit in the wall.

Glitter Grout

Glitter grout FAQs

Does glitter grout look good?

Ans. Yes definitely, glitter grout looks good. However, glitter grout would not give you a normal look of the walls. So, a lot depends on your taste and choices. If you are not into sparkly stuff, you may not at all like glitter grout. So, do not give in to something just because they are popular. See what suits you the best.

How do you seal glitter grout?

Ans. If you are unable to mix the glitter properly with the grout, you can just press it into the wet grout. So, you should do this once you have applied the grout around the tiles. After this, press it. Now when the grout is dry, you can simply seal the cracks. However, be very careful. So, in this way you can trap the glitter. Finally, you can apply a normal seal coating over the tiles and grout.

Can I use any glitter for grout?

Ans. Yes, you can use any kind of glitter for making your glitter grout. However, make sure your glitter grout has an additive. Secondly, all that matters is how well you have mixed the grout and the glitter. Nothing else matters.

How long does epoxy grout last in a shower?

Ans. Epoxy grouts are the best in a shower because they are resistant to water. However, constant exposure to water can reduce both the quality and longevity of the grout. So, regular resealing and maintenance are very important. However, generally,  epoxy grout lasts for 8 to 16 years in a shower.

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