7 Wall Décor Ideas To Refresh Your New Home

Does your home look dull and outdated? If so, it’s a sign that you need to change your décor to the latest set-up. However, decorating all your rooms and refreshing the interior of your home can be an expensive project if you don’t have the right plan in place.

Perhaps the best and most budget-friendly way to refresh your new home is through wall décor. Fortunately, there are many ideas that you could try from wall tapestries to framed prints. All of these will brighten up the space and make your walls look classy.

Here are some wall décor ideas to freshen up your new home:

1. Create a custom painting

You might have an idea of a perfect image for your walls, but you can’t seem to find any store that sells it. So, what’s your best course of action in such a situation? Well, the best option is to commission a painter who’ll create a custom image that meets your needs. Of course, with the current technology, it’s quite easy to find someone who can do the job. All you need is to search online for a professional painter within your locality and contact them.

What should you consider when creating a custom painting? The first thing to keep in mind is the color combination. This is crucial because anything that doesn’t match your walls will feel out of place. The size of the art should also be proportional to your space; it shouldn’t be too large nor too small. Other factors include style and the theme of your interior design. Of course, a professional painter will give you a variety of ideal options based on your needs. (1)

2. Add a focal point

The best interior designs have a focal point that dominates the entire area. So, how can you create one for your walls? A focal point is that feature that attracts the attention of a viewer’s eyes the moment they step into the room. In other words, it’s the star of the room. Once you have this in place, you can build the rest of your décor ideas around it.

decorating your walls

There are many ways of creating focal points in your rooms. When decorating your walls, the best highlight you can use is a large artistic paint. Remember, this feature will determine the theme and mood of the entire room. For instance, if you want a calm space, your ideal option would be a view of nature. On the other hand, vibrantly colored paintings will create an atmosphere full of energy.

3. Go for a gallery wall

If you’re not amazed by the idea of having a focal point in your room, you can go for a gallery wall. Basically, this is a mix of various images with different colors. So, instead of one large piece, you’ll have several small images filling up your walls.

It’s always recommended that you experiment with as many frames and styles as possible before you can settle on a combination that perfectly matches your space. Remember, using unique pieces will make your wall even more interesting.

Does your collection of canvases, paintings, or photographs shrink your room? You can extend the gallery to the ceiling because this will make the space appear larger than it actually is.

4. Consider an accent wall

When it comes to wall décor, it’s not all about hanging custom paintings and photographs. You can still achieve your goal by creating an accent wall. Start by choosing a patterned wallpaper that’s both exciting and matches the theme of your other decorations. (3)

It’s always recommended that you don’t coat the whole room, nor should you choose bright-colored paint. Doing so will only make it difficult for you to make changes in the future. Instead, you should use a small accent wall that’s easy to paint over in case you need a new set-up.

5. Use mirrors to create illusions

Wall décor isn’t all about making your room beautiful. You can use various decoration ideas to make your space look smaller or bigger depending on your needs.

If you have a small room, hanging a big mirror on the wall can make it appear spacious. With more light reflecting in, the room will open up, creating an illusion of a big space.

6. Try map displays

Another nice idea that you could try is displaying a map on your walls. Do you love adventures? You can showcase that side of your personality with a map of a place that you’d love to visit some time. The good thing about such pieces is that they come in different styles, depending on your preference and the theme of your interior design.

For instance, you can add a fashionably old map to show an ancient town. If you love modern structures, then there’s a wall art map designed with that feel. Other style choices include flower patterns, butterflies, and different color combinations.

7. Add unique texture

Creating a wall full of paintings and photos is a good idea, but it can become monotonous after some time. So, it would be wise to mix up your décor and make it as unique as possible. One of the best and most effective options you should consider is tapestry or weaving.

Apart from creating depth because of their 3-D aspect, these décor options add a bit of texture to your wall. Of course, you can either create your own or hire someone to make custom weavings for your project. These fabrics enhance the appearance of your room, especially if you don’t have enough furniture yet. (2)


Whether you want to give your home a minimalist look or just want to change the appearance of your interior, wall décor will always be part of such projects. How you decorate your walls determines the general mood of that space. Therefore, before you invest in anything, it’s important that you consider all your options.

Creating a custom painting, for one, will lighten up your room, depending on the color combinations and the type of art you choose. Other ideas include using a focal point, adding texture, creating an accent wall, and hanging mirrors on the wall. All of these are great décor ideas if done with enough creativity.


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