6 Tips to Achieve a Minimalist Look with Decor Elements in Living Room

Check everything around you, from furniture to wall art, objects on tabletops to items on shelves. Do you think there is any change required? Are all the things in the required place, or can you remove them?

Minimalism is all about this. Many people opt for minimalist décor to keep their interiors neat, clutter-free, and well-organized. So, minimalist décor is about control and discipline where space, lighting, or other items are equally important.

With this décor style, you need to reduce the items in the home to simple necessities. It will create a maximum impact if you design a layout correctly. Many people think it is boring, but in reality, this style is bold, attractive, and functional.

Let us know how to achieve a minimalist look in the living room!

Restrain Colors

Light or neutral colors like white, beige, or grey naturally create a minimalist look. Although you can use bright colors like red, stick to one or a maximum of two shades to have a beautiful impact.

You can also look at the picture above. Again, there are two shades (white and light grey) to create an inviting living room. So, it enhances minimalist décor in your interiors.

Use Accent Art Pieces

Achieving a minimalist look does not pump you to become boring.  You don’t have to avoid decor items or bright colors. Just follow the simple rule to use decorative things so that you don’t overwhelm the space.

Therefore, while buying artwork, pick a trending artwork to create a focal point instead of multiple pieces that do not impact much. Try to choose an oversized art piece against a blank wall to make a statement and uncluttered look.

Use Pendant Lights

Sometimes, you may feel minimalist design expressionless. So, to solve this issue, use elements that go with a theme and make a statement to the interiors. For example, add lighting.

Lighting plays a vital role in making great minimalist designs. The best way is to let the sunlight illuminate the living room. Natural light is the best option to enhance the minimalist décor.

If you think privacy is an important issue, install thin drapes or blinds. The sheer curtains will bring a lot of sunlight and brighten up the space.

You can also opt for modern fixtures such as pendant lights, sconces, or floor lamps, etc. It will bring personality to the entire space.

Use Woodwork for Creating a Twist

Design a living room with wooden pieces. When you use wooden furniture with a minimalist style, it will result in a fascinating combination. The furnishing items such as wooden chairs, tables, cabinets, or TV units ooze natural vibes to the interiors.

Store Smartly

Sometimes, you can not remove all the clutter. So, it would be best to conceal it. For example, you can replace open shelves with cabinets having opaque shutters in the areas with maximum possibilities of clutter like a kitchen.

Try to complement the color of cabinets and walls or ceilings. It will help you to create a seamless look.

Suppose you have a lot of magazines and other items like remote, DVDs, etc. You can store them in an attractive basket or storage bin to avoid a messy look. Otherwise, the space will look much cluttered.

Focus On Quality

Minimalist interiors focus on quality instead of quantity. As a result, most homeowners decorate their interiors with classic items that are durable and strong. From furniture to cushions, buy everything of good quality.

It will enhance the aesthetics and create a minimalist look.


Minimalist design is all about knowing the basic needs and keeping home décor simple. However, please don’t consider it a flat or dull style. So, experiment with different items without making everything overwhelming.

With clean and uncluttered space, you can bring a charm to the room