7 Items in Your Home You Can Reuse Again

Are you aware of your ecological footprint? It is important that we can do more to consume less and there are many ways to do so. Through reducing, reusing, and recycling campaigns, many people are bringing reusable bags to their routine grocery trips. More cities all over the world have also banned the use of plastic bags. Also, as you read the blog by Public Goods you will learn ways of practicing healthy and sustainable living. You can reuse some items in your home like those mentioned below or buy a product that will serve you for many purposes many times over.

  1. Glass jars, cans, and containers 

It is easy to recycle glass and metal. However, you can decide to cut down on waste and packaging and reuse them. If you need a way to store bulk pantry items, bathroom containers, desk organizers. Glass jars and canisters will make a great container. Also, there are infinite ways you can reuse mason jars other than food canning. If you have leftover narrow-necked bottles, make them into a set of drinking glasses.

  1. Magazines, newspapers, and paper bags 

When overrun by paper, you can repurpose them in many great ways. Create amazing woven trays and baskets out of newspapers and magazines. Also, you can recycle all three as wrapping paper. What about some seed pots or out of outdated calendar paper make DIY envelopes? For the ambitious, you can use paper bags to make wood-like flooring.

  1. Bathroom items 

Bathroom items like old toothbrushes come in handy to scrub hard-to-reach places like underneath faucets or grout. Also, they can be reused as hair color applicators, eyebrow brushes. Also, they help to clean tools, hard-to-clean items, delicate items, and electronics. Did you know that you can clean out empty toothpaste and repurpose them as a funnel by cutting the bottom or for icing your cakes as a frosting tube? Also, use your empty deodorant bottle to refill with a DIY deodorant recipe.

  1. Plastic containers 

This includes plastic soda bottles, gallon jugs, takeout plastic containers, among others. Many people use bottles and jugs to store various homemade natural cleaners. But with a little alteration, you can turn those plastic containers into a plastic bottle broom which is a useful household item. Out of the old soda bottles, shoe cubbies, or food bins, you can make bird feeders. Other things you can make are reusable cell charging stations or a self-watering seed pot from a shampoo bottle. Also, the take-out containers are excellent for reuse in the kitchen.

  1. Laundry waste

It is vital to not toss out dryer sheets when you are done using them. You can reuse this as they make good dusting rags, especially if you are looking for something to suck up pet hair. They are great for polishing chrome and also scrubbing off soap scum. Some people make them into a dress, but you need to be determined. For the lint from the dryer, collect it to make recycled paper Mache, paper, or compostable seed pots.

  1. Towels and clothes 

Most people toss out old towels, clothes, and beddings. Yet, you can use these by cutting them into washable cleaning rags. Also, you can check online to get other excellent ideas on how you can upcycle your old clothes into new ones. You can turn your torn t-shirts into braided rugs. If you have sewing skills, you can get reusable dusters from old flannels.

  1. Broken dishes

You can use your broken china to retile flower pots, outdoor tables, paths or to create a unique border for your garden. Also, you can make jewelry or a key fob. Other ways you can use dishes is the old stained ones. You can plant small plants on them instead of throwing them away.

To sum up, there are many other items in the home that you can reuse over and over again like plastic bags, seeds, old furniture. By reusing the above, you cut down on the ecological footprint, repurpose your trash, and save your pennies. Therefore, where you can reuse, recycle and reduce, it is best to consider it for a better living space for everyone.