4 Advantages of Using an Organic Mattress

Seven to nine hours of sleep a night is recommended to maintain our physical and mental health. Some of the factors that can influence the quality of deep sleep are beddings and mattresses. Here are four reasons why you should consider using an organic mattress.

1. Chemical Free with Fire Retardant Capabilities

Non-organic beddings often contain many different types of chemicals that can be allergens or carcinogenic. Some of the inorganic compounds you’ll find in a conventional mattress may include boric acid, polyurethane, melamine, and phosphate.

Organic beddings do not contain fire retardant chemicals. The mattress employs natural materials such as wool to act as a barrier to fire. It does not contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or other harmful compounds.

2. Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter

It is not only essential to sleep for seven to nine hours but also to reach deep sleep. Deep sleep encourages cell regeneration, healing, growth, and development. Your body temperature is one factor that determines the level of REM sleep you can get each night.

Mattresses made from inorganic materials such as memory foam use your body heat to change the contour of the surface. In the process, it retains heat, making you sweaty and uncomfortable while you are asleep.

A natural mattress stays warm in the winter and remains cool in the summer. It regulates body temperature better than inorganic materials, giving you a restful night’s sleep irrespective of the season. Also Read – Pick Out the Right Material for Your Bed Sheets

3. Breathable and Comfortable

Mattresses made of natural materials such as cotton have moisture-wicking properties. That means they draw moisture away from your body, and they let air back in. Through capillary pressure, the materials push water into empty gaps until moisture evens out.

Beddings made of organic materials are, therefore, more breathable than conventional, non-organic ones. Natural latex evenly distributes pressure points throughout the body.

One study to find the effect of bedding materials on REM sleep found that fabrics have different effects on our sleep. Wool and cotton had better sleep outcomes than polyester. Polyester and other inorganic materials do not trap moisture and do not provide optimal comfort.

An organic mattress from places like Naturepedic will also have cotton coils encasing which minimize motion transfer. Every spring independently provides support to facilitate a comfortable movement of the body.

Since each spring moves separately, it reduces partner disturbance when you toss and turn. It has a surface that ensures comfortable sleep with minimal disruptions. A mattress made from natural materials is a much better alternative to foam mattresses.

4. Less Risky for People with Respiratory Conditions

Conventional mattresses are not suitable for people with allergies or respiratory complications. Many of the chemicals in inorganic compounds can worsen the condition.

On the other hand, an organic mattress does not contain toxic compounds that can ruin your sleep. They are resistant to dust mites and bacteria.


When looking for organic beddings, it is crucial to ensure that the materials are natural. Most products will come with a certification such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). A certified product is more durable and safer for your home.