13 Ways To Upgrade Your Home’s Landscape

One powerful way to boost your property value is by upgrading your home’s landscape. Many homeowners get so wrapped up in renovating their home interiors now and then that some of them forget that their exteriors matter too. What’s more, your home’s landscape is the very first thing that house guests and passersby see when they look at your property. Whether or not you have lots of space in front of your house, use it to your advantage by improving its landscape.

The question now is, how do you start? How can you maximize your yard’s current attributes to create a stunning landscape? Whatever your style or preferences are, here are thirteen ways you can upgrade your home’s landscape and transform it into a beautiful space.

1. Consider Your House

Many people often jump right away into planning their yard’s design that they forget to consider a critical piece, which is your house. Thus, when planning for a landscape design, make sure you keep the look and architecture of your home in mind. For instance, if you have a country-like farmhouse, you could complement it by creating a cottage-style landscape design. If your house looks modern, a minimalist garden will suit it best.

2. Use Hardscaping

Another way to improve your home’s landscape is through hardscaping. Hardscaping is creating driveways, walkways, or patios within your current landscape. For instance, you can add a bench in the middle of your flowers or shrubs for outdoor gatherings or picnics. You can also add walkways to direct your guests into your garden, outdoor space, or whatever your front yard has to offer.

3. Add A Playset

If you have kids or live in a neighborhood with plenty of kids, consider adding a well-built playset in your front yard. It could become a new favorite spot for your kids and their playmates, while you and the other parents can lounge on the garden benches. Plus, if you’re selling your house in the future, your playset could increase the marketability of your home for buyers with children.

4. Choose Plants According To Your House’s Color

Just because those plants from your next-door neighbor look pretty doesn’t mean you should add them to your yard. When choosing plants, remember to consider the current color of your house. For example, if you have a red-trim house, you can enhance its exterior by planting flowers with red, orange, and bright yellow colors. If your house is blue, go for calmer hues like pink, purple, white, and light-yellow flowers.

5. Go For Low-Maintenance Garden

If you do not intend to sell your house, and gardening is your favorite hobby or passion, you can go for an elaborate garden. However, if the idea of selling your property is a reality in the future, it may be best to opt for a low-maintenance garden. Some buyers tend to feel discouraged when they see large flower beds and enormous plants in your yard, especially if they’re not into gardening. If you’re going for a low-maintenance garden, go for flowers that won’t litter many petals everywhere, like the Petunias and shrubs that don’t need regular trimming.

6. Maintain A Green And Healthy Lawn

Maintain A Green And Healthy Lawn

One of the main factors in making your home’s landscape look beautiful is maintaining a healthy lawn. A healthy lawn means no signs of weeds, overgrown grass, or dead brown spots. Don’t worry as you don’t need to hire a gardener to do it for you. Some easy tips in keeping your lawn green and healthy may include watering your lawn, mowing regularly, and applying fertilizers.

7. Install An Irrigation System

As part of keeping your lawn green and healthy, consider installing an irrigation system in your yard. Not only will this keep your lawn hydrated, but this tool can also boost your home’s value. With an automatic irrigation system, you don’t need to worry about overwatering or drying out your lawn.

8. Consider An Artificial Lawn

Maintaining a lawn may be quite challenging, especially if you like in a state with a dry climate. You can still improve your home’s landscape by having an artificial lawn instead. With artificial grass, you don’t need to worry about watering them every day. Furthermore, yard turf can last for 15 to 20 years, so you don’t have to worry about regular replacements.

9. Plant A Tree

Does your yard feel a little empty? Why not plant a tree? Planting a tree is an excellent way to fill an empty lawn, especially if you own a spacious yard. If waiting for your tree to mature within five to eight years seems a bit too long, you can call on the help of a landscaping company to assist you in planting a mature tree. Their price, however, may depend on the difficulty of planting, relocation, and tree size.

10. Regularly Trim Your Shrubs And Bushes

If you already have existing bushes and shrubs in your yard, make sure to trim them regularly. You can prune and shape them every year to remove dead branches and overgrowth. Moreover, regular trimming also promotes a healthy growth of shrubs which is essential in keeping your landscape looking green and healthy.

11. Invest In Landscape Lighting

One of the best landscaping features you can add to your lawn is landscape lighting. With good lighting, you can make your landscape look attractive at night and makes the pathways visible for increased home security. If you don’t want to risk increasing your electric bill, go for LED lights or solar options.

12. Emphasize Walkways With Lights

Speaking of landscape lighting, another type of lighting you might want to consider is pathway lights. Illuminate and highlight your home’s exterior features and provide safety and direction for people walking on the paved surfaces during nighttime.

13. Design An Outdoor Living Space

If you’re thinking of adding something luxurious, consider creating an outdoor living space in your yard. You can install fire pits, patios, swimming pools, or outdoor kitchens. Just make sure to work with a professional contractor and landscaper to pull off these larger landscape projects for you.

Wrap Up

Adding beauty to your home’s landscape doesn’t always require expensive additions. Sometimes, it’s all about your creativity with how you mix and match plants and flowers and how consistent you are in keeping your lawn healthy. So, improve your home’s landscape and boost your property value through these tips above.