10 Inexpensive Indoor Gardening Ideas

An indoor garden does not have to consist of artificial plants only. On the contrary, there are various ways that you can bring your garden into your home. You do not have to worry about the lack of space either if you live in an apartment. And there are many benefits of indoor gardening too.

The following will highlight some of the easiest and inexpensive indoor gardening ideas that you can use to spruce up your home. Even better is that you have an array of options of what you would like your indoor garden to consist of. Listed below are indoor gardening ideas.

Tray Pot

A tray pot with succulents would be a great add on to your house décor, as you could use it as wall art. You can purchase this tray from a nursery since it is not the regular tray you use at home. The tray has spaces where you can place your plants. All the spaces have a drainage hole to ensure your plant is not overwatered. It is best for growing succulents.


Reuse toilet rolls and egg cartons as seed starting kits. Doing this saves you money. You can use these to grow your small plants, and when they get bigger, you could transfer them into containers that have more room. Try and keep containers that can be used as planters instead of disposing of them.

Trellis Plant Wall

Indoor Gardening Ideas

Having a trellis plant wall is a great home décor idea, especially if you love flowering vines and plants. All you need to do to achieve this is to attach a few boards to your wall. The boards should form diamond shapes. Get sturdy holders that will hold your planters. You can either buy the holders or make your own, then place the holders and planters on the diamonds’ center points.

Vertical Stacks

Get a vertical gardening kit and hang it in the space that is sunny in your home. You could use the vertical stacks to grow herbs. If you have a fabric shoe container, the ones that can be hung over the door, you can use it instead of buying a vertical gardening kit.


If you would like to have an indoor herb garden that is inexpensive, think of employing the use of glasses. Get a vurm and the number of pint glasses you would like to use. Mount the vurm on the wall. Place pebbles in each glass and add some soil, then plant in your herbs. Then place the glasses on the open vurm spaces. This is also a great way to spruce up the walls in your house.

Regrow Food

You can regrow several fresh vegetables that you buy. For instance, if you carefully snip romaine lettuce and have the heart intact, you can place it in a bowl of water, and after some time, it will grow new leaves. You can also find out what greens can be regrown so that you grow them instead of throwing them away. You do not have to worry about purchasing planters because you can grow the greens in small plastic containers or repurpose empty yogurt cartons.

Mason Jar

You could use a couple of mason jars as planters for your kitchen herb garden. Fill the mason jars with either seashells or pebbles as the drainage. Add a layer of potting soil, then plant your herbs. You can place them near your kitchen window to ensure they get enough light. You can place them on a surface or hang them. To hang them, have a hook where they will hang from, then get a wire and tie it around the jar’s neck, and once it is secure, hang it on the hook.

Grow What You Eat

Indoor gardening does not always have to be for aesthetic purposes. You could grow something that you can eat. However, ensure it is something you need and can use frequently. Find a plant that can be grown indoors and grow that.

Baking Tin

Turning your baking tin into a planter will not take up much of your time.
Another perk of using a baking tin as a planter is that it will spruce up your space. You will need a polymer plastic sheet and a round baking tin. Draw a semi-circle on the polymer sheet and cut it out.

You will stick the polymer sheet’s semi-circle to the baking tray, therefore apply gorilla glue on the part you intend to stick the sheet then attach them. Ensure they are correctly attached to avoid water leaking out water later. Add a few gravel and stones to the tin and some potting soil on top. Then plant a herb of your choice.

An indoor garden does not have to be expensive. The listed ideas can be executed on a budget, and some you can employ without spending much. If you have neighbors or friends who have gardens, you can always borrow plants from their gardens and start your indoor garden. There are various other tips that you can employ to ensure you have an indoor garden on a budget.