Top Tips to Control Pests Around Your Home

There is no way to completely rid your home of every pest and insect. But you can take steps to eliminate most of them, prevent infestations and keep your home as free from bugs as possible.

One thing you can do is rely on a professional pest control service to help you eliminate insect and bug problems. A reliable New Haven CT pest control service can provide regular treatments to reduce pests in and around your home. You can also talk to a reputable Woodbridge CT pest control service about inspecting your home for any issues that might contribute to your pest problem.

Here are top tips for controlling pests around your home.

Clean regularly inside

It seems obvious, but it’s important to clean your home’s interior regularly. A clean home is less attractive to most pests. There are no crumbs, no leftovers, no dirty places for bugs and insects to thrive. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner that can help remove very small pests like fleas and carpet beetles. Make sure it has a HEPA filter or S-class filtration system for better air quality.

Maintain good ventilation

You can go a long way to reducing insect problems by maintaining good ventilation and a dry atmosphere in your home. It’s a good idea to open windows wherever possible when the temperatures are not extreme, but only if you have screens. Don’t let more insects in through an open window as you try to increase ventilation in your home.

Protect pets and your home from fleas

You can keep fleas out of your home by making sure your pets are treated regularly. They are the biggest carrier of fleas, so make sure you apply regular flea treatment to your pets. If you do find fleas in your home, discuss a safe and reliable treatment to get rid of them with your pest control company.

Keep drink cans covered outside

If you are drinking a soft drink or some other beverage outside, don’t leave it uncovered. You will bring it back inside, and may find bugs like wasps or flies in the can if it is uncovered. Careful not to drink from uncovered cans left unattended outside, because you may find a surprise inside!

Store food in sealed containers

Keep your staples and leftovers sealed in airtight containers to avoid attracting bugs inside. Consider plastic food storage bins or jars to keep food stored, such as rice, oatmeal, flour, and other staples. Don’t leave bread or other food packaging open on the counter. That might attract ants and other insects.

Reduce outdoor lights during warmer months

Plenty of insects are attracted to light, so it’s a good idea to reduce the number of lights you turn on outdoors during the warmer months. This will help keep swarms of beetles, moths, mosquitoes, and other insects from gathering near your outdoor lights. You can also reduce the number of insects flying toward lights in your home by closing curtains or blinds on windows at night so the lights are not as prominent outside.

Schedule spring and summer cleanings

Plan a comprehensive cleaning each spring to thoroughly go through your pantry and other storage areas. Toss any open items that might attract insects and give a good cleaning to rarely used areas. Make sure you vacuum under furniture and dust those hard-to-reach spots to reduce areas in your home that might be attractive to pests. Make sure you clean the woolens each year before you store them to avoid a possible moth infestation.