Energy-Efficient Renovation: Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Home’s Windows

When it comes to window replacement, timing is everything. Of course, you want to make the most out of your current windows and get the most bang for your buck. At the same time, you don’t want to wait too long to where your old windows affect your day-to-day life.

When Your Windows Aren’t Doing Their Job

From the formation of condensation on the glass to cold drafts and faulty modes of operation, there are plenty of telltale signs that you need new windows. Other signs include chipped or cracked frames and excessive outside noise. However, with the never-ending lists on our home improvement agendas, window replacement tends to be put on the back burner. Here are five reasons to put window replacement on the top of your list and reach out to your trusted Chicago window replacement company.

Reduce Energy Costs

If there is one thing that we all can agree on, it’s the value of savings. Windows are responsible for up to 30% of energy loss in a residential setting. Therefore replacing your windows could save you up to 30% on your heating and cooling bills. While spending money to save money may seem counterintuitive, replacing your windows will cut your spending over time.

Window Performance and Cost Efficiency

There are many window options to choose from that effect both cost and efficiency.

Window Type

It is essential to consider options that are top-rated Energy Star Certified. Options include casement, double-hung, bay, awning, or bow.

Multi-pane glass

Choosing argon or krypton gas to fill the space in between the panes will prevent potential air leaks and save you energy.

Frame Material

While you may be drawn to wooden or aluminum frames, vinyl is the most cost-efficient material.

Coated glass

Low-E-coated glass helps block heat loss and the sun’s UV rays.

Maximize Your Home’s Comfortability

The older the windows, the more likely they will let hot or cold air drafts into your home. Replacing your windows with new energy-efficient units will help you maximize comfort throughout your home by maintaining a consistent temperature around the house. New windows help block solar heat gain in the summer and restrict heat loss in the winter. If you do decide to replace your windows, you’ll notice an immediate difference in temperature control around your house.

Replace Worn and Torn Windows

There is nothing more frustrating than attempting to open a window that won’t budge when all you want is a little fresh air. As windows, age wear and tear become more prevalent. Hardware ends up breaking or somehow goes missing. Frames begin to rot, and the functionality of your windows rapidly declines. Luckily all of these issues could be solved by completely replacing your windows.

Advancements in Window Tech

Even if your old windows aren’t yet falling apart, they are most likely outdated. In recent years there have been significant advancements in window development. Upgraded pivots, hinges, pulls, and cranks provide a much easier window operation. You can also choose windows with capabilities from partial lifts to a fully open raise so you can control the breeze in your home.

Crystal Clear Windows

Do your windows stay foggy and hazy no matter how many bottles of Windex you go through trying to clean them? Odds are it is not your cleaning methods but your windows themselves. As windows age, glass becomes distorted, and the seals break down. This causes your windows to attract moisture resulting in foggy streaks and excessive condensation. Replacing your windows not only restricts condensation but provides a crystal clear view so you can enjoy all the beauty mother nature has to offer from the comfort of your home.

Less Maintenence Required

The fewer things on your daily to-do list, the better. Replacing your windows will not only save you in costly repairs each time something goes wrong but will save you precious time throughout your day. New developments in window technology are helping glass stay cleaner for longer, which means no more strenuous window washing routines. New windows have a special coating that gets activated by sunlight and breaks down dust and dirt particles by itself. Since new windows can tilt in and open wide, it’s a breeze when it is time to clean them.

Replace Your Windows Today

While replacing your windows may seem burdensome at first, you will be jumping with joy with all the great benefits new windows can provide.