Top 5 Domestic Energy Suppliers In The UK

Want to change your energy supplier? You’re not alone! With the cost of energy rising steadily, domestic energy users in the UK are beginning to reassess their current providers. And with the explosion of eco-conscious energy suppliers providing greener and more renewable alternatives, many people are looking to make a more responsible and sustainable change.

So, if you’re looking to switch suppliers, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. This list of the five best domestic energy suppliers in the UK will help you to find a provider that’s right for you and your home.

5 Best Domestic Energy Suppliers In The UK

1. Octopus Energy

Since launching in 2016, Octopus Energy has taken the residential energy market to new heights. It’s also renowned for its superior customer service. As one of the most effective green energy providers, it offers residential energy users 100% green electricity that is generated by renewable energy sources.

Octopus Energy is incredibly affordable and offers multiple tariffs depending on the location of the residence. It also allows residents to eliminate their carbon footprint as part of their Super Green tariff by providing them with carbon-neutral energy.

Residential energy users will also be glad to know that there are no exit fees, meaning they can easily switch providers without jumping through hoops. Octopus Energy’s flexible pricing schemes provide customers with one of the best residential energy services on the market.

2. So Energy

Another green domestic energy supplier that is generating buzz with its customers is So Energy. This supplier offers some of the most competitive tariff prices on the market and has one of the smallest early exit fees of all its competitors. Compared to suppliers like Outfox the Market, So Energy charges around 67% less for their exit fee.

So Energy offers numerous tariff options that can help to lighten the load of costly residential energy bills. And if you’re planning to switch suppliers, their switching process is quick and hassle-free.

So Energy is a great domestic energy supplier for eco and budget-conscious residents.

3. Outfox the Market

Our third pick for the best domestic energy supplier is just as environmentally responsible as its competition and uses renewable energy sources for green electricity.

Outfox the Market has become a household name among residential energy users and is arguably one of the cheapest suppliers. So there’s no wonder they’re becoming a top pick for the most budget-friendly providers.

Although Outfox offers its customers multiple inexpensive tariff options, it’s important to note that it doesn’t supply users with a pre-paid meter. It also has a larger early exit fee than its competitors. But most users agree that these fees are a small sacrifice for cheaper tariffs. Also Read – The Importance of Adopting Alternate Energy Sources

4. Bulb Energy

Having a long list of tariff options can be confusing for customers. Luckily, Bulb Energy offers its customers one of two simple tariffs: a Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go tariff.

Both tariffs use 10% green gas and 100% green electricity. Additionally, they are varied, meaning that prices will fluctuate. However, Bulb Energy still offers users significantly cheaper energy than the Big Six suppliers.

According to customers, Bulb Energy has outstanding customer service and flawless delivery. Bulb Energy is also completely carbon-neutral and holds the title of the largest buyer of green gas in the UK.

5. OVO Energy

After its acquisition of Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), OVO Energy has solidified its place as one of the biggest energy providers in the UK. Knowing this, there’s little wonder why it is a popular choice among domestic energy users.

OVO offers its customers multiple affordable tariff options. But for eco-conscious users that want fully renewable energy, OVO Energy charges an upgrade fee. It is also important to note that it also charges an early exit fee that is triple the price of low-cost fees from suppliers like So Energy.

OVO Energy is a great choice for residential energy users who want to upgrade their tariffs when they want.


There you have it! This list of the top five domestic energy suppliers in the UK will help you to narrow your search for a new energy provider in no time. From simple tariffs to multiple options from you to pick from, the choice is yours! And since it only contains the best of the best, you can’t go wrong with any of these top picks.

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