Things You Must know about AlmostGrass

AlmostGrass burst into popularity in recent years. It helps you with all your artificial grass needs. Moreover, eager to help you out, whether you are a potential buyer or a seasoned owner. Professionals, hobbyists, and landing experts started it for solving your queries regarding the amazing alternative for your garden.

How long does Artificial Grass last?

Before you decide to install it in your yard, it’s worth finding out how long do they last? They can last long under the right conditions. Following factors affect its lifespan-

  • Build quality- Modern synthetic grass is composed of a couple of polymers. The material reacts differently in different situations. Their specific properties and quality affect the lifespan of the lawn.

While selecting the one for your yard, be sure to consult the experts for fruitful outcomes.

  • Installation quality- Their lifespan is based on few installation stages like- preparing the base, fitting the turf, and adding the infill. A good installation aims to provide both proper drainages, and long-term stability.
  • Usage of the grass- Nevertheless, the greater the usage is, the lower the lifespan. If calculating the lifespan of the grass, the lawn’s purpose will be your trump-card.
  • Routine maintenance- Maintenance is required to keep the grass looking healthy and fresh. The better the lawn is cared for, the longer it will last for sure.
  • Climate and weather condition matters- Artificial grass of today is designed to withstand harsh weather. However, it can compromise their stability.

In brief, most of the issues can be prevented by proper care and installation. As a result, it can increase their lifespan.

5 Tips for making them last longer-

As discussed above, no clear answer is available on how do they last? You can make your lawn last as long as possible by following some simple tips listed below-

  • Follow a maintenance routine- For keeping your lawn healthy, and impressive, maintenance is required at least once a week. Brushing is the foremost important step by focusing on the areas that require special attention.
  • Heavy equipment and furniture are to be avoided- While the artificial lawn is durable, they have its limits. The grass loses its shape over time under heavy pressure. To prevent permanent damage, rearrange the equipment of your lawn.
  • Remove stains as soon as possible- Quick cleanup prevents discoloration. For the task, you can use grass cleaner, or homemade diluted vinegar solution. Use it simply with a sponge, or a soft cloth for removing pet’s waste, and stains of your lawn.
  • Prevent burns- Remember, prevention is better than cure. Your synthetic surf can be melted when exposed to fire. Moreover, as they are made up of plastic materials, and require great care for making them last longer.
  • Your infill selection is important- Different infill materials are designed for a different purpose. For instance- an organic infill prevents smell and stains of the lawn. So, the product is the best option for homes with pets.

Artificial grass gives you a great return on investment. If the tips are carefully followed, they will cool down your lawn, promote a proper drainage system, and keeps your grass blades standing.

Steps of cutting the curves in Artificial Grass-

Artificial grass is a safe, beautiful, and versatile form of ground cover. Installing it can be a worthwhile long-term investment and a real time saver. Your garden looks well-designed, and natural by laying artificial grass around curves, and edges. The task requires a lot of care, but it is something that you can’t avoid. For cutting the curves, the below-listed steps are followed by AlmostGrass

  • Plan carefully beforehand- Map-out carefully, that where the curved cuts have to be. For instance- this could be around trees, flowerbeds, and edging. Before starting the installation process, the second step is to decide, how the pieces are going to be arranged across the entire lawn.
  • Lay down the grass after getting an idea of where to make the cuts- It’s practical to make the curved cuts after laying the grass. The efforts will ensure the fitness of the curve.
  • Proper tool is to be selected- Artificial grass is made up of synthetic materials. If planning to cut the curves, you are required a sharp blade or knife.
  • Take your time while cutting- When working with the knife, make the cuts slowly. For getting rid of major obstacles, check your progress regularly.
  • Don’t compromise with the grass- After shaping, and cutting you are ready for the installation process. The process will be completed once the grass is secured. Finally, brush your lawn as the final step. Enjoy it for years to come.

Why artificial grass is preferred over natural grass?

They both look almost the same, but artificial is synthetic fibers for you. Their biggest merit is that they require less maintenance than the competitor. I repeat less, they require periodic cleaning. They are popular everywhere because the variety is a sustainable invention and a versatile project of flooring. The grass is used at different places for different reasons like-

  • Sports field- For conducting the games safely, these grasses act as safe flooring for games like football, baseball, soccer, etc. The grasses also help to cut the cases of injury as well.
  • Playgrounds- For the safety of children the grasses are changed from natural to artificial. This helps to play them freely without thinking about the dust.
  • Commercial buildings- If the business owner wants to avoid the expenses of caretaker, AlmostGrass is a perfect option available for them.
  • GYM- For attracting the customers, the grass is used for giving them an impressive look.
  • Balconies- In apartments, artificial grass is used for giving greenery to your space. By the product, you can make your comfort zone as per your requirement.


Here is all that you are eager to know about AlmostGrass. Feel free to browse their guides and articles to learn more about this amazing alternative for your garden, and lawn.