The Average Cost of Window Replacement: A Guide for Homeowners

Do you want to replace windows for your house but you have no idea how much they will cost? The average cost of window replacement varies depending on what you want to do. You need to know the kinds of windows that you want and how you want to install them.

Usually, the window alone will cost you anything between $150 and $750. You need to understand that there are many other costs that you have to incur. At the end of the project, you will have spent way more than the initial cost of the window.

In this detailed guide, you will find out how much you will spend when you get new windows for your house. Read on.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Replacing Windows

Before you start shopping for new windows or an installation contractor, you need to know that various factors are likely to affect what you get. That is why the installation contractor will ask you to state your preferences before they come up with a quote. If you talk to any experienced contractor, they will tell you that you cannot overlook the following factors.

  • Energy efficiency
  • The type of window
  • Window sizing
  • Window frame

You also need to know the costs of window installation in your locality because they differ from one state to another. If you are hiring a local contractor, you may also pay a different amount from what you would pay one coming from different areas. It is all about knowing your situation and understanding what you are paying for.

Labor Costs for Installing New Windows

One of the things that determine the cost of new windows installation is the labor cost. Your location determines these costs because every state or country has a minimum wage payable to contractors.

It also depends on how many people will be working on the project. On average, you will be paying $38 per hour, and the total cost depends on how long the project will take.

If you are installing medium-sized windows, one hour should be enough to get the job done. However, some unique requirements may lead to more time being used, especially when adding more modifications to these windows. For example, if the contractor has to create new openings for installing new windows, you can expect it to take much longer.

The demand for a window installation service in an area also determines installation costs. You will notice that when there are many customers with few contractors, the prices will be high. It will be even higher when the living standards in that area are high because everyone can spend more money on such projects.

The Size of the Project

Some contractors will allow you to negotiate the cost of replacing windows based on the size of the project. If you have many windows to be fixed, you can negotiate a lower price than when you only want to install a few. Some of the costs are constant regardless of the number of windows that you want to install.

Apart from the number of windows, you may also want to know if there are any special offers on such services in your area. It is common to find contractors who have offers on special days, and so, you may end up spending less. It may also be determined by the season because sometimes, installing windows in winter may differ from doing so in the summer.

Search around for any new companies that are setting up base in your area to know if there is anything new that they have to offer. You may find out that they want to win customers by offering discounts on their services because they are new. Such companies should provide excellent services to convince you to take up their offer.

Frame Materials Determine Cost of Window Replacement

You can also know about the average cost of installing a window by looking at the frame materials. If you are going to use the same frame, you may end up spending less than someone who wants to replace everything. You will also notice that different frame materials have different price tags.

One of the things that you will be looking at is the durability of window frames. If they are going to crack or peel, they should not cost as much as those resistant to such actions. You also need to check whether they can be painted because you may want to change the colors when you paint your house next time.

Aluminum is one of the most affordable window frame materials because of its availability and light nature. You can get it for an average of $157 from any nearby supplier. However, if you are going for higher-quality options such as composite windows, you should expect to spend up to $1,325 on one piece.

Considering Energy Efficiency

Building a window’s energy efficiency rating is one way you can save money from your energy bills. However, you have to know that as you make them more efficient, you will be increasing the cost of replacing them. That is why you should consider this factor when thinking about how much to spend on the project.

Window replacement prices will grow when you choose double or triple pane glass windows to save energy. You may also choose to include argon gas fills in the package, which will make the project even more costly. Everything that you add to the window to make it more energy efficient will increase the price.

Because of that, you have to create a list of the actions you want to take to increase the energy efficiency rating of your windows. If you have a small budget, you may want to limit it to one option, such as installing double glass panes. However, if your budget permits, it is good to go for the complete package.

How Window Type Determines Cost of Replacement

Do not forget about the effect that the window type has on the replacement cost. Some windows require little time to install because of their simple design, while others may take longer. For instance, double-hung windows are affordable because they are easy to install.

A standard double-hung window may only cost you $350 to replace, while a large picture window takes up to $750. It is because they are installed differently, and they require different skills to complete the project. Generally, windows that require a higher skill set to install will cost more than those that require a lower one.

If you are going to install various windows, talk to your contractor and let them calculate the total cost before giving you a quote. You may find out that you get some discounted prices by doing so, unlike when you want to pay for each window individually. It is common to install windows of different designs and sizes in the same house.

Window Replacement Costs Based on Brands

The difference in the cost of window installation may be determined by the brands too. Sometimes, you walk into a store and notice that windows that look so similar have different price tags. It is all because some brands are recognized, and so, they are likely to sell fast than those that are less known.

Some of the top brands are associated with quality, which is why they are highly-priced. The manufactures know that even when they sell them at a higher cost than the market average, they will still attract buyers. They are the brands that have been around for a long time and are known to provide the best value.

It is common to find hung windows that are almost the same, having a difference of more than $100 in their prices. The installation contractors will also be asking for more pay on the top brands than the less known ones. When you understand this, you will know why you may be paying more than what your neighbor paid.

Another thing that you should know about window brands is that they come with different accessories. Some of them only come with a few screws to fit into the frame, but others need a lot of work. That is why installation contractors will ask for more money on specific brands.

If you want to save money on your next window replacement project, you may want to check your local utility company for rebates and credits. They can help you to get money back on installation. It will be even better when you have installed energy-efficient windows in your homes.

Get Window Installation Services from Experts

Once you know the average cost of window replacement, the next task is to find an installation contractor. Ensure that you hire a contractor who with experience in installing the type of windows that you want. Negotiate for the best prices too so that you do not end up spending too much.

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