Six Amazing Ideas for Upping Your Hosting Game

Being a perfect host is one of life’s greatest joys. Especially if you’re a homeowner, your ability to host a great night for friends and family is significantly boosted. Knowing trendy, affordable and home equity-boosting ways to up your host game will make the journey that much more appealing as well. To get you started on becoming the best host of 2022, here are six amazing ideas for upping your hosting game as we bring in the new year:

1. Update Your Entertainment

Whether you’re a board game nerd or love to host a movie night, having updated entertainment options is key to hosting your friends and family. Not every moment can be filled with conversation, and sometimes simply kicking back and enjoying a relaxing film or game is what everyone is craving (especially after a long work week). Board games have seen a huge spike in popularity over the last decade that’s showing no signs of stopping in 2022, and they provide a more social entertainment option than movies. By having options aplenty to offer your guests, you’ll have people beginning for you to host again and again throughout 2022.

2. Install a Garage Bar

Garage bars have been gaining more and more buzz over the last five years, and 2022 is poised to be the year of the garage bar. If you want a combo indoor-outdoor space to host in, complete with a well-stocked bar that will prove to be your own personalized dive, garage bars will revolutionize your life. Especially if you’re part of a club or community organization, a garage bar can make your home a central location to gather, plan and unwind. The massive boost in home equity a garage bar will add to your home gives you another massively beneficial reason to invest in this trend.

3. Reorganize Your Living Room

Living rooms are one of the key spaces in your home for hosting (they’re called living rooms for a reason after all). Having your living room organized in a way that will ensure that everyone is comfortable, able to communicate with ease, and able to appreciate your unique sense of style is a necessity. If you have a desire for people to buzz about your home’s aesthetic, making sure your living room is packed with decorations, amenities and stylish flair is an absolute must. Consider adding a trendy new piece of furniture to boost your living room’s impact that much further.

4. Add Improvised Living Spaces In Your Home

Hosting is not always a one-night job. If you love inviting friends and family to stay for a few days, having spaces in your home that can be quickly transformed into bedrooms or other types of living spaces (which the savvy will dub improvised living spaces), is critical. Not only will this allow them to relax to the max during their visit, but it will help you maintain your own personal living spaces while they are visiting as well. After all, feeling cramped in your own home can be an incredibly frustrating experience.

5. Invest in an Ice Machine

Whether you’re making drinks in your kitchen or a new garage bar, having a strong, efficient ice machine is a great way to boost your host game. You’ll be able to make a wider variety of drinks, keep snacks cool, and add a sense of style to your home that will be incredibly impressive to your guests. The fact that you can grab a powerful, fancy-looking ice machine these days for an incredibly affordable price makes this an even more appealing way to up your hosting game.

6. Consider a Bidet

While a simple improvement, bidets are becoming more and more demanded in homes. Guests who visit and tell you about the life-changing event that installing their own bidet at home has been will help convince you to take this leap. Bidets are no longer just for Europeans, and if you want a simple, affordable way to keep your tush clean and your toilet bowl pristine, bidets are your solution. The amount of money you’ll save on other toiletries that you’ll need much, much less of will prove attractive as well.

Here’s to a Perfect Year of Hosting

With these six boosts to your home’s style and entertainment options, you’ll quickly become your friends and family’s favorite host in 2022. Thankfully, these updates will make your day-to-day life that much more excellent and comfortable as well. Not to mention that your home equity will explode with some of these renovations, so be sure to think long and hard about which of these six nifty projects are right for your home.