Post Renovation Cleanup: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Do you think you can finally put your feet up and rest once your home renovation project is complete? Think again. The moment the dust settles signals the start of more rough work for you. So, better be prepared for a post-renovation cleaning marathon as a finishing touch to your new and improved space.

The Good: Standard cleaning solutions and techniques are enough

Post renovation cleanup is manageable, even without the help of a professional. There is no need to pull out a separate expense for a deep cleaning session because you can do it on your own with the help of your family members. If you have availed of the services of a reputable general contractor like Cross Country Construction, it’s worthy to note that they will take much of the clutter created by the project as soon as they declare a pack-up. They generally clean after their mess to make things easy for the homeowner. So all you will be left to do are touchups here and there to keep the dust and debris from penetrating the home, starting at the construction site.

The Bad: Dust particles can creep into every nook and cranny

At first sight, it may seem like it will take forever to clean up the dust after a renovation project. And it’s easy to lose heart. That’s because dust particles may be all over, in every nook and cranny and all surfaces. If you could get a good grip on your vacuum cleaner, then much of those worries will disappear. Opt to send your curtains and other affected linens to the laundry as well. That will help you truly enjoy a fresh start.

One key reminder is to do the cleaning immediately. Do not let the dust particles settle in until they are stuck because that may result in a filthy outcome afterward. Dust particles can cause foul odors and irritating skin reactions.

The Ugly: Renovation debris may sneak into your air ducts and infiltrate your indoor air

Your indoor air quality is at its most vulnerable when you have a home improvement project. Dust and debris may permeate your air ducts and filters. They will mingle with the indoor air and make their way to your vents and then the rest of the house. Stop the spread of dust right on the onset. You may also replace the vents and filters during your deep cleaning session to avoid the harmful effects of collected dust. Leaving your air vents and filters untreated will expose your family and even your pets to dusty air, which leads to respiratory illnesses and allergies.

When you clean up the rubbles from all the construction work, go over your entire place and clear up the clutter in the other parts of the house. That’s when you can sit back and enjoy your fresh new space. Nothing beats a newly improved and beautifully renovated home that is free from debris and clutter.