Nautical Home Decor – 7 Key Elements of Nautical Theme

Are you a maritime lover looking to decorate your home? If so, then good news! Now, you can combine your favorites within the interiors.

Nautical home decor is where you can adorn your place with elements that emerge from the sea. The ideas for nautical decor may range from light shades to vibrant colors. Besides, there are numerous things to take inspiration from, including sea grassesĀ and driftwood.

However, regardless of your choices, there are certain vital elements that are the same for nautical themes. Today we will discuss the same! Here’s a list of those seven elements

#1 Select the Suitable Color Palette

To decor, a nautical-themed home, start by deciding the color palette first. The chosen color palette remains the base of the entire theme. Thus, it’s best to give thorough thinking before finalisingĀ a shade.

For nautical rooms, colors that manifest sea or anything marine is undoubtedly a great choice. Also, you should go for something with a light or cool tone. There are numerous shades that fall under these categories.

However, our favorite among these is white or blue. Note that here we have mentioned the primary color palette. It’s not essential for everything in the room to be of the same color. You can contrast it with other light shades for a better outlook.

#2 Nautical Wall Arts

If you want to relish marine life at your home, then there is nothing as outstanding as nautical wall arts. You can put together an accent wall and add wall art with beach prints to it.

There are endless wall art pieces to opt for in your home. Most of them are focused on traditional sea elements like an ocean breeze, sunlight, sunsets, tropical landscape, and islands. Besides, it could be related to any activity related to the beach like surfing or sandcastles.

If you are not a picture person, opt for simple quotes, signs, or phrases. For example, look at this “sand and surf” sign wall art. Isn’t it simple yet pleasing to the eyes? Also, the wall art compliments well with the entire room decor.

#3 Select the Right Materials

The next thing after choosing the color palettes and wall art is the type of materials. Make sure that the selected materials contradict the nautical theme. For example, for floors, you

can try a white engineered deck floor. They look pretty standard and dive your soul into the notion of wooden ships, crafts, and boats.

Other materials that you can select include wood, ropes, and Jutes. Not only does it add colors, but it is also eco-friendly in nature. While maintaining the nautical theme, you will be living a sustainable life.

#4 Light it Up

Have you ever seen any sea that is not airy or breezy? Offcourse not. Thus, when you are decorating your space with a nautical theme, ensure it to be ventilated enough.

Every corner of your room should be filled with sunlight. Not only does it render freshness to the space, but it also makes you more close to the sea. While natural lights are a pretty good option in itself, for artificial lightings, you can try standard bulbs or dim lamps.

#5 Add Additional Elements

Apart from the interiors, small additional nautical elements can intensify the look of your room too. You can add accessories like model boats, trivets, sea-influenced cushions, hot plate stands, and many more.

If you want an in-depth nautical theme, then try using decorative fish sculptures, brass fog horns, or bass corkscrew. While these options are perfect for your maritime space, do not go overboard with it, or the room might look a little extra.

#6 Designs and Texture

Apart from that, you can fuse in your nautical home with a distinct design and texture. With blue and white being its base, a lot could be done to make it cozier for your stay!

Both designs and textures could be added through furnishings, rugs, or other adornments. You can also opt for dark wood surfaces with knots to intensify the look.

#7 Add Shell Curtains

For any beach or nautical-themed space, one thing that’s mandated is shell curtains. The beautiful strands of shells clicking and hanging on your doors are undoubtedly attractive.

While you can choose traditional white shells, there are other varieties to select from. It could be placed anywhere in your room, starting from windows to entrances and above thresholds.

Wrapping Up

So that was all about the seven critical elements of a nautical-themed room. If you are an admirer of sailors and sea life, then these are enough to intensify your room aura. In fact, these ideas are likely to take your soul to marine junctures.

Now that you know the essential elements of nautical room decor stop thinking and start with the furnishings already! We are sure you will adore it.