Is It Necessary to Service AC Every Year?

Is it necessary to service AC every year?

As a homeowner with an AC unit, you must focus on this question. Otherwise, you’ll end up shortening its average lifespan. The only problem with an annual checkup is you might lack the time.

Regardless, it’s necessary, and our guide will list some reasons. Read on and discover them today:

You Get Ahead During Summer

A tune-up during spring is the best way to prepare your AC for the scorching summer season. Also, the lack of usage during the winter may cause it to decrease efficiency.

You want your AC unit to be at its peak efficiency during the summer. This tune-up is the same as prepping and oiling your car after a year of disuse.

It’s a critical practice if you live in provinces with long summers. Otherwise, you risk your AC unit breaking down in the middle of hot, humid months.

Repairs are More Expensive than Maintenance

When your AC unit breaks, it’s sometimes cheaper to replace it. However, it’s the worst-case scenario. You can prevent this by taking care of your unit with regular checks and maintenance.

A lot of experts agree how most AC issues are preventable. With proper maintenance, you can cut your risk of problems by 50%.

Warranty Depends on Your Unit Maintenance

Appliances like your air conditioner have warranties. However, most manufacturers require yearly maintenance before claiming its benefits.

In most cases, you’ll find these under the “Exclusions” or “Eligibility Requirements” header. It seems unnecessary, but it ensures your AC unit makes the most out of your investment.

Your Air Conditioner Lifespan Increases

A yearly inspection is a preventative and maintenance measure. It mitigates issues before they become too severe. As such, your AC unit’s lifespan increases while maintaining performance.

Otherwise, neglecting your air conditioner does more damage. For example, you’re unlikely to detect a minor issue without maintenance. It will develop into a severe problem, causing you to spend thousands on replacement.

Yearly Maintenance Ensures Maximum Efficiency

A neglected air conditioner decreases efficiency by up to 5% every year. A lot of factors contribute to this degradation. One of these is particle accumulation around its coils.

Regardless of your HVAC system’s placement, dirt and dust can get inside. As these debris pile up, the coils become less efficient in transferring heat. It causes your AC to blow less cool air.

Another issue is clogging, causing water damage and humidity. It could also result in motor deterioration. When it happens, consider getting air conditioning repair professionals to fix your issue.

Is It Necessary to Service AC Every Year? Find Out Now

We hope the reasons listed above answered your question, “is it necessary to service ac every year?” Use these to encourage yourself to contact AC services today.

However, the quality of the maintenance depends on the company. Search for online reviews to ascertain their reputability.

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