How To Purchase The Perfect Pool Cleaner?

All pool owners need to have a pool cleaner that perfectly fits into their lifestyle and pool. Having a dirty pool may leave you wondering how the leaves, slime, and grime will be removed and the amount of time and labor required. You can buy pool cleaner from your nearest shop or online.

Are Pool Cleaners Able To Clean All The Filth?

Most of the time, pool cleaners are sitting in chlorine and sun as they work (must be nice), and they clock over 100km yearly. When a pool is very dirty, pool cleaners may fail to clean it thoroughly; hence you may fail to get out of the task. A pool should have a tremendous manual clean every start of swimming season or when the pool cleaner has not been run for a while.

Pool Cleaner Types

There are different types of pool cleaners in the market where one can choose from including, robotic, pressure, and suction cleaners and they make it maintaining your pool easy.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

A power point near the pool area is a requirement as these pool cleaners are run on electricity. They cost over $1000, and as compared to the suction pool cleaners, they perfectly collect any filth in terms of debris and dirt found in the skimmer box. They come with an inbuilt dirt receptacle that has to be emptied.


  • They are a perfect pick for larger pools
  • They experience fewer blockages and stoppages


  • They are costly
  • They may be heavier compared to the suction pool cleaners
  • While cleaning, they tend to filter
  • They tend to be inconveniencing as one has to place and remove them from the pool for each cleaning session

Pressure Pool Cleaners

Compared to suction cleaners, they are more powerful, and most of the designed models have an additional booster pump that they operate with, and it requires a separate hose connection fitting in a pool wall. Since they are costly to retrofit, look for other models if a pool lacks one.


  • Easily reach the tight corners.
  • Rack up everything, including leaves, rocks, and fine sand
  • Faster compared to suction cleaners


  • Costly compared to suction cleaners
  • They may require more maintenance

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Suction Pool Cleaners

They function by attaching a hose to the skimmer box and then using the created filtration system to suck up the smut. Most of the pool cleaners that one will easily find are suction models. There are two types of suction cleaners that you can choose from.

  • Geared suction cleaners are fitted with tracks or wheels, enabling them to move in predetermined patterns. They easily get to the tight corners, making them perfect for smaller pools, even with sharp ledges and many steps. Compared to the random pattern models, geared suction cleaners are more moving parts, requiring more maintenance.
  • Inertia-driven suction pool cleaners clean with a random pattern, and they are a perfect choice for pools without sharp corners and have curved walls.


  • Easier installation
  • Cheaper


  • When permanently left in the pool, the skimmer box fills up, damaging the cleaner in the long run.
  • The skimmer box must be emptied often as it fills up with grime every time used.

In conclusion, pool cleaners are essential for pool owners, and they come in different types and models. When choosing a pool cleaner, look at its finer features like pool covers, navigation steps ability, adjustability, and cost.