How to Modernize Your Space With New Living Room Furniture

We are always indoors. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has some staggering statistics. The average American spends about 93 percent of their entire life indoors.

Lockdowns necessitated by COVID-19 saw many people rarely leaving their homes. They worked from home and even shopped from home.

If we are spending such a great percentage of our lives at home, it’s ideal to make it a great place to be.

There are countless ways to give your home a refreshing new look. You can give the walls a bright lick of paint. Or invest in some new living room furniture. Keep reading for some of the best living room ideas.

The Power of Paint

Start by choosing a cool new shade to grace your walls. Colors have a strong influence on more than the appearance of a room. They can also alter the perception of its size or shape. Strong colors can even affect the vibe of the room.

Browse home improvement sites online for inspiration on living room decor ideas. Once you figure out what you like, you’re headed in the right direction.

What mood would you like to inspire in your living room? Warmer colors like red and orange can increase the energy of the room. They can inspire activity or even raise blood pressure.

But, cooler tones are more restful. Blue is soothing and lowers blood pressure. While green is calming and relieves stress.

You can’t go wrong with neutrals. When bold colors are too much, consider toning it down. Brown is traditional and comforting. White is timeless and clean. Gray is the new trend in modern design. You can pair just about any color with gray to customize your color palette.

After you choose your colors, you’ll want to map out where they will go.
To make the space feel larger, choose a light color that will reflect natural light. You can use different, complementary colors on the other walls, if you want some variety.

On the other hand, you might want to make a cavernous room feel more compact and cozy. Then you’ll want to paint the walls a darker color that will absorb light.

Perhaps you’d like to give the illusion of a taller ceiling. Try a vibrant color on the walls and a bright white ceiling. This helps reduce the claustrophobic effect evoked by a low ceiling. It does so by making the ceiling appear higher.

To broaden the space, paint the back wall dark. Paint the side walls a contrasting light color. The lighter walls will feel further apart, creating a sense of width.

Another great option is a feature wall. Choose one wall to highlight and paint the other walls dark. You can then paint your feature wall a lighter color or go for some eye-catching wallpaper. With the remaining walls being of a dark color, eyes will be drawn to the one you’ve chosen to highlight.

You’ve got the walls taken care of. Now you need furniture to coordinate the look.

Fantastic Living Room Furniture

When deciding to give your space a new look, furniture needs to be on your to-do list. You can look for entire living room sets or replace one piece at a time.

It’s also a good idea to hunt online for living room furniture ideas. Narrow down your tastes. See how it all ties together.


House & Garden recommends starting with a sofa. Decide where your sofa will sit in your living room. Consider natural light. Will sofa placement be influenced by other elements in the room, such as a television? You need to know what direction items will face and why.

Measure the available space to know what size sofa to shop for. Then, work out what the ideal sizes of the rest of the room’s furniture would be. You want it all to fit and in a complementary way.

For example, the layout won’t work if you can’t walk past the coffee table or open and close doors. It’s a living room, after all. You want to be able to live in it.

When choosing a sofa, consider size, color, and textile. After ensuring it fits in your living room, make sure it accentuates your style. Make sure the upholstery is designed to last. You can find reviews online for manufacturers that will help guide your decision.

Finally, make sure it’s comfortable. If possible, find a showroom with your intended model on display and try it out. Sit on your chosen sofa in the same way you lounge at home. Curl up as if reading a book. Sit as if propping a laptop on your knees.

Give prospective furniture a good test drive before making your final choices.

Accent Chairs

Keep the same elements in mind when chair shopping. Keep to your chosen style or risk throwing off the entire vibe.

If you have a boho living room, adding formal accent chairs won’t work.
Pick colors or patterns that complement the walls and sofa. This will give a cohesive feel throughout. Sticking all too one color will leave your room feeling washed out. Adding variety will break up spaces and give the eye places to land.

Consider new placement within your room to allow for its desired function. For example, the chairs should be in a location allowing for conversation with other room occupants.


It’s a good idea to have a table of some kind near all available seating. They provide convenience and practicality to your living room. But they can also break up space and make the room cozier.

A coffee table is the centerpiece of the living room. Consider the design style of the rest of the room when choosing one.

This style guru recommends specific proportions when choosing a coffee table. The ideal coffee table is at least half the length of your sofa, but no more than two-thirds its length. And its surface should be about the same height as the sofa’s seat.

Size matters. Too big and it overtakes the room. Too small and it looks silly. This is where your measurements come in handy.

Look at your other living room furniture. It should help you decide what style of coffee table will complement the room best.

Clear glass or acrylic tables can open the room up. Darker woods tend to work well in traditional settings. For form and function, opt for a modern coffee table with clean lines and a sleek finish.

Final Touches

You’ve laid the foundation of your new space. Now to sprinkle with some finishing pieces to tie it all together.

Good lighting is essential. If your living room will double as a workspace, you’ll want sufficient light. But the same light can be harsh when it’s time to relax in the same space. Check out dimmer bulbs with various brightness options. Or have different lamps for different functions.

Area rugs can help keep the room cozy and stylish at the same time. There are even some washable styles on the market. If you’ve got children or pets, this can be a lifesaver.

Houseplants are a good idea for any space. They brighten the area and clean the air. Whatever your style of living room decor, there is a plant to accentuate it. Make sure to research if your chosen plants are safe for any children or pets, as some can be toxic if eaten.

Finally, to express every facet of your personality, you can add wall art to your new walls. From framed photography to canvas paintings, the possibilities are endless.

Your Sanctuary

With all the time we spend indoors, it’s time to make home the best it can be. Simple upgrades can make all the difference in the mood of a room. Update your living room furniture and refresh the paint on the walls. And enjoy your self-made sanctuary.
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