How To Measure For Blinds?

Every home can get jazzed up with the right blinds on your window and you can do it all yourself. The process of measuring your window for the right fit of blinds is quite easy. If you are able to measure your window correctly, it makes sure that you get good-fitting custom window blinds. Thus sizing your window properly is very important. With the knowledge of how to measure your window for blinds, you can get your home a classy touch. This will make your living area look even more elegant and beautiful.

Thus, to start measuring your window for blinds you just have to follow some really simple steps. These steps include choosing the proper window covering. You also have to decide whether you want an inside mount for your window or an outside mount. After this, you have to measure your window. Write down the measurements in an excel sheet or in a handmade worksheet. Thus, you can now bring your window details to any local store and get your favorite custom blinds. Keep reading for more information on how to measure for blinds.

How To Measure Inside Mount For Blinds

The first thing you need to do when you are measuring your window is to decide what kind of blinds you want. If you want an inside mount then you have to measure your window in a certain way. First, you can start by measuring the width inside the window. You have to take the measurements inside the window opening. First measure the top, then the middle, and finally the bottom. Then, out of all these width measurements you have to select the one that is the narrowest. You have to round that number down to the nearest millimeter.

After that is done you have to measure the height of the window. Measure it from inside the opening of the window since the mount is inside. You must remember to measure the height three times from the top of the window to the window sill. After you have the three measurements, measure once again on the left. Also measure once again, on the left of the window, at the center, and then again on the right side.

Measure Inside Mount For Blinds

Finally, you have to select the longest measurement out of all the three heights that you measured. If you want a blind that will keep resting on the window sill, then you have to reduce the height that you measured by 1 cm. However, if your window does not have a sill then you have to first mark the point of the sill where you would like your blind to reach. Then measure the height till there.

The next thing that you have to do is measure the diagonal of the window. Depending upon the measurements of the diagonals, you might have to order a mount outside for more light. You must also remember to take precise measurements.

How To Measure Outside Mount For Blinds

If you have decided that you want outside blinds for your window then follow the following instructions to measure for outside mount blinds. An outside mount blind will give you more privacy. They are also better for optimum light control.

The first thing you have to do is measure the distance between the window sides. Mark the two points you want the blinds to cover and then measure the distance between them. Since we would like to have good light coverage make sure the blind overlaps the window opening. The blinds should overlap the window opening by at least 3.5 cm on both sides of the window. Thus there should be a total of 7 cm extra length on the blind on the entire width of the window.

Next, you have to measure the distance from the top of the blind to the sill. This is the length to check where the blind will be located on the window sill. You must make sure that the blind overlaps the opening of the window. It should overlap by at least 3 cm. However, there are some products that require an overlap of more than 3 cm. This is because when the hardware mounts, it needs some extra space.

Measure Outside Mount For Blind

Hence, you must remember to review the product specifications on the custom blinds before you start measuring. This will ensure that you get exact flat vertical surface area requirements. If your window does not have a sill, then just mark the point that you want the blind to reach.

Thus, you can measure till that point. Another important point to keep in mind is that you should not round off the measurements. Also, remember to review the mounting requirements on the blind very carefully.

How To Measure Home Depot For Blinds

When you are measuring for blinds it is very important to remember some key points. When you are measuring the window for width and height, remember to take multiple measurements. This will make sure your measurement is precise. You also should decide whether you want an inside or an outside mount on your window before you start measuring for blinds. A tip you can keep in mind is that you can just measure your window for both types of blinds. Thus, you will be able to choose whatever blinds you like later.

You can use steel measuring tape. If you use a steel measuring tape in place of a cloth measuring tape, the results will be much more accurate. When you are measuring the width or the height, you should never round off to half an inch or a whole inch. You should always measure to the nearest 2 cm. You should also be very careful about transposing the measurements you took.

Always remember that the width and height of the window must be clearly marked for accuracy. You must also put your width measurement first and the height measurement last. If you are confused about which window covering you want, do not panic. Once you have learned the correct method of measuring your window for the blind, you will not face any problems. Thus, you will be able to choose the perfect window coverings for all the windows of your home. The home depot store has a lot of different types of blinds and thus you will easily be able to choose a style for your house. You can also order measuring supplies at home depot for fast delivery. Finally, if you want you may also select the blind installation service which is available at home depot.

How To Measure Inside Recess For Blinds

Here are the steps you should follow to measure for blinds inside the recess. Firstly, you must remember to use metal tape to measure the windows because it is much more accurate. Also, you have to measure the width of the window at least four times at four different points. This is because the width might not be the same along the whole length of the recess. Thus, it is much more accurate to take an average of four measurements.

Measure the width at both ends of the window. Then also measure in the middle of the window. After taking all the measurements select the smallest one as the guide you will use for the width. If the blind you are using is Venetian, roman, or roller blinds, you have to cut down the width by at least 1 cm. This will allow the smooth extension of the window.

When you are ordering blinds to fit your window, always remember to provide the exact measurements. If you want them to fit into the recess then just mention it in your order. The store will make the adjustment of 1 cm for you. When you are measuring the length of the blinds, use the same method that you have used before. Use the metal measuring tape. Measure the distance from the top of the recess to the bottom of the window sill at at least four different points. Now note the narrowest point down and use that measurement. For the blinds that are vertical, many experts advise to cut down the length by 1 cm. If you reduce the length by 1 cm, it will make sure that the fabric does not get caught on the window sill.

How To Measure For Rollers Blinds

If you want to learn how to measure for blinds and give your house a classy final touch then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of blinds you can use to make your room classier and more beautiful. You can use roller blinds, roman blinds, Venetian blinds, or vertical blinds. The window dressings like blinds will make your house very versatile and they are a very useful addition.

Since blinds are narrower than curtains, they are a very versatile addition to your home. These window blinds can also be adjusted and they thus allow you to control the amount of light that enters your room. Thus, blinds are perfect for communal rooms where you want to control the glare and light levels entering your room. First, you have to decide if your window has a recess and where you want to hang your blinds. You also have to check if the blinds you want to add are going to fit in the recess of the window. Make sure that there is nothing inside the window that could stop the blind from extending fully.

The recess must not have any handles that extend, fixtures, or phone sockets. A deep window recess is the best because it has enough space so that your blinds can easily fit inside. If you have a shallow recess then it is always a good idea to keep this space clear. If you are going for a blind fitting that will not use a recess space then it is a good idea to allow some overlap. This will make sure that your blinds can perform properly.

How To Measure Outdoor Mount For Blinds

How To Measure Outside Recess For Blinds

If the blind you are planning to install is going to be outside the recess then the measurement has to be more accurate. You must remember to measure several points and then use the average of those measurements. You can also use the narrowest of the three measurements. If there is not enough space between the blind and the recess it will not move smoothly against the window. This is a problem in many houses, that the windows are not perfectly straight. In case of the drop, make sure that you take the measurement from the top of where you want the blind to go. Take the measurement to the place where you want the blind to end when it is pulled down completely. This is thus the height outside the recess. This measurement should be as accurate as possible, preferably within half an inch.

If you want to measure for a Roman blind for outside a recess on a wall then the width is not so important. This is because now the blinds don’t have to fit into a space. Just add an extra length of about 2.5 inches on the two sides of the edge of the recess.

How To Measure For Blinds On Windows

How To Measure For Blinds On a Bay Window

When you are measuring a bay window for blinds, you have to remember that the headrail of the blind should not collide with the window. Thus, you have to take the depth of the headrail, the window handles, or any air vents into consideration. After that when you have decided what kind of blind you want to fit on your bay window you have to make a note of the depth of the headrail of your window. If you have a square bay window, it will be way easier to measure. This is because you will not need to measure the top, you just need to measure the straight sides of the bay. After that when you order the blinds, you must remember to order them as Recess blinds. This is only if you are ordering blinds for square or splay bay windows.

How To Measure Double Window For Blinds

For double windows, you will need to make cut-outs out of cardboard to help to determine the angle of the window. Thus, the first step is to make the cardboard cut-outs. Measure the largest of all the window handles. You can also measure air vents or any other obstruction that the blind has to stay away from when it is fitted into the window. This is going to be marked as measurement A. Then you have to take down the depth of the headrail of the blind that you selected. This is going to be measurement B. You are going to need two cardboard cutouts like this.

 Next, you have to put these cardboard cutouts in one of the angles of the window. Make sure the front tips of the cutouts are touching. Mark the place where the front tips are touching. Keep repeating this till you have covered all the angles of your window.

Thus, when you have your measurements you must order exact blinds to fit your double windows properly.