How to Keep Pests Out of Your Gutters

The gutters of your home are very important as they help to ensure that rainwater and other debris can clear off the roof of your home. One of the challenges that property owners can have with gutters is keeping pests out. Some common pests in gutters can include mice, squirrels, and rats. These pests can damage your gutters, clogging them with nests, and even bite and scratch through them. Due to this, keeping the pests out of your gutters is very important. Several tips can be followed to help keep the pests out of your home’s gutters.

Install a Gutter Guard System

One of the best ways that you can keep pests out of your gutters is by investing in a gutter guard system, such as the K-Guard gutter system. When you have a gutter guard system it will place a shield on top of the gutter that will allow water to flow through, but will be too small for any pests to get into. It will also be made of a very durable material that will be difficult to scratch and dig through. This will encourage the pests to look elsewhere when they are trying to find their next nest and how.

Keep Gutters Clean

Another way that you can make sure that your pests are kept out of your gutter is by keeping your gutters clean. Ideally, you should have your gutters cleaned out completely at least twice per year. If pests are a problem, you should increase the frequency of this. Gutters that are not clean and full of debris can make it easier for pests to make a home. When you keep the gutters clean and free of these materials, it will keep the pests from making their home in your gutters.

Clear Branches Near Roof

If you want to keep pests away from your roof, you need to get rid of their access points as well as you can. Many squirrels and other pests can get onto the roof of your home and into your gutters by jumping from a branch of a nearby tree. If you are having issues with pests, it is important to trim these branches at least once per year to keep the pests away. This can help you cut off the roof access point. Further, clearing away overgrown branches will also ensure that leaves, branches, and other debris does not accumulate on your roof.

Keep Pests Away from Yard

While it is important that you keep pests away from your gutters, you also need to make sure they are away from your entire yard. Pests that have a home near your house and in your yard can quickly find their way climbing towards your roof and into your gutters. Due to this, taking the right steps to clear out nests and keeping the pests away from your house will be helpful.

Spray for Insects

While larger pests can cause damage and clogs, your gutters can also be impacted by insects. The insects can form large nests and will eventually cause damage to your gutters and can get into your home. Further, they could attract larger animals to your area. Due to this, having your home sprayed for insects regularly can be helpful. This can help prevent an accumulation of insects in your gutters and property.

When you are looking to keep your home in good condition, the process should start with maintaining your gutters. The gutters of your home will help to keep water and debris off your roof. An important part of caring for your gutters should include keeping pests out. There are several tips you can follow that can help you keep the pests out of your gutters.