How To Clean Air Fryer?

Air fryers are a great way to save on both calories and be health-conscious while still enjoying your favorite meals. They also save you from having to order out every time and you can cut back on costs. However, you must remember to take care of your fryer so that it keeps functioning properly. If you use an air fryer for more than two months without cleaning it, it will get greasy. The air fryer will also start emitting bad odors and you will be unable to use it anymore. This grease that will collect without diligent cleaning is difficult to remove.

Thus you must clean your air fryer on a regular basis. If you have any questions about how to clean the various parts of a fryer, this article is here to help you. Keep reading to find out about how to clean the various parts of an air fryer at home.

How To Clean Basket Of Air Fryer

How To Clean Air Fryer Step By Step

Air fryers are a cost-effective way to enjoy your favorite dishes. They also take care of your health. However, you must remember to clean the air fryer basket regularly. This is because the grease from the food gets collected on the air fryer basket. You must clean it out in a safe way without using harsh chemicals. Chemicals will damage the non-stick surface of the air fryer basket. Thus, you may even have to replace it. So you have to use organic methods to clean your fryer.

Use any standard dish soap or dishwashing detergent. You have to make sure that the detergent has high degreasing properties for the air fryer to clean properly. Then squeeze the soap on your hand and use your hands to spread it on the sides of the air fryer basket. You have to make sure that the soap is spread evenly on the outside and the inside. Use your fingers to coat the entire surface of the air fryer with a thin layer of soap. Use your hands to gently sprinkle the baking soda on the soapy surface of the fryer. You have to make sure that the whole surface of the fryer is coated with baking soda.

How To Clean Air Fryer with Vinegar

Use a brush to rub the surface of the fryer. Use an old toothbrush or any other type of brush with soft bristles. Get the cleaning paste into the crevices of the basket and rub the baked grease out of the fryer. The detergent will help to break down the oil and the baking soda will help to lift the oil from the basket. After you have rubbed the paste properly all over the surface of the fryer, you have to put the basket back into the pan of the air fryer. Sprinkle more baking soda on the air fryer pan.

Next, you have to use vinegar. Vinegar is a great grease remover and it does not harm the surface of your air fryer like other chemicals will. Take about 150 ml of vinegar and add it into the pan of the air fryer. When you add the vinegar you will be able to see bubbles forming on the baking soda. This means that the vinegar is reacting with the baking soda to remove the dirt and oil. Next, you will need some boiling water. Boil about 200 ml of water and then place a slice of lemon in it. Then pour the boiling lemon water onto the vinegar which was there on the pan of the air fryer. Leave the fryer in this mixture overnight and remove it the next day.

The detergent, baking soda, vinegar, and lemon water are all oxidizing agents that help to break down oil and grease. The heat of the boiling water will also help to melt the oil. Finally, all the acid in the lemon and the vinegar will also help in the breakdown of the grease on the fryer basket.

How To Clean Air Fryer at Home

It is very easy to clean an air fryer and you must do it often to keep the quality of food high.

Use any degreasing compound to coat the surface of the air fryer and leave it overnight. The next day remove the basket from the liquid. Then use running hot water and a sponge to wash the remaining grease from the air fryer surface. You must remember to use the soft side of the dish sponge only. When you are scrubbing the air fryer basket with the sponge, keep dunking it in the degreasing liquid so that the oil keeps getting removed. If you use the soft side of the dish sponge, you will be able to remove all the oil from the air fryer without harming the non-stick surface.

You must remember to not use the brillo pad side of the dishwashing sponge since it is too harsh. The brillo pad will damage the non-stick coating of the air fryer by wearing it off. However, if your fryer does not have a nonstick coating, you can safely use the brillo pad of the dishwashing sponge. Another important thing you have to keep in mind is that you must not use any oven degreaser if your air fryer has a non-stick coating. Oven degreasers have harsh compounds which will damage the non-stick coat. They are good at removing grease but they will reduce the quality of your air fryer basket coating.

Sometimes the basket of the air fryer is not completely rid of the oil even after all these steps. In that case, you can repeat all these steps another time. Thus, you will have a fryer that is squeaky clean.

How To Clean Philips Air Fryer

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are using a fryer is to wash it after every use. This will not only stop grease from accumulating, but it will also make it easier for you to clean the air fryer. This will also make the lifespan of your air fryer longer. It is best to clean the air fryer when it is slightly warm. Do not touch the air fryer when it is extremely hot, right after finishing cooking. Wait for the fryer to cool down a little. When you can touch the fryer but it is still warm, it is the right time to clean it. The warmth of the fryer keeps the oil liquid and makes it easy to clean after using it.

Clean Philips Air Fryer

Use a clean microfiber towel to clean the air fryer. Microfiber towels are very useful since they do not harm the non-stick coating of the fryer. Use warm water and some detergent to wipe the air fryer completely and remove all the grease. After you do this hold the fryer under warm water and wash it once again. Finally, you can use a dry microfiber towel to dry the fryer completely.

Another tip you can keep in mind is using aluminum foil in the fryer. Use aluminum foil to cover the basket completely on the inside. Thus, any food that is cooking inside the foil will not be able to drip grease on the basket of the fryer. All the grease from the cooking food will collect in the aluminum foil. After the cooking is over, take out the aluminum foil and throw it away. Finally, you must also remember to wipe the fryer down before using it for cooking again.

How To Clean Heating Element Of Air Fryer 

If you want to clean the inside of your air fryer but are unsure of how to do it, you don’t have to look anywhere else. These are the steps you have to follow to clean the heating element of your air fryer. First, you must remember to unplug your air fryer. Make sure it is not too hot or you may end up hurting yourself. Thus, after you have unplugged your air fryer it is a good idea to let it cool for some time. Next, you have to remove the basket. After removing the basket, take out the pan from the inside of the air fryer.

Clean Heating Element Of Air Fryer

An important trick you can use here is to put the appliance upside down. If you do this then you will be able to reach the heating element with greater ease. Thus it is a good idea to clean it upside down. Next, you have to clean the inside of the fryer. Sometimes food residues get stuck inside the heating element. Thus, you can remove it by using a brush. Use any brush with soft bristles such as an old toothbrush. One thing you must remember is to not use steel wire brushes or hard bristle brushes since they will damage the coat of the fryer.

Thus, you must remember to put the fryer back in its upright position after you finish cleaning it. After that, turn the fryer on and make it run for some time. Do not put any food in it and just let it run for a few minutes. This is because sometimes there are residues that you could not clean with the sponge. These will now be caught in the pan of the fryer and you can remove them.

How To Clean Fan Of Air Fryer

Sometimes it is difficult to get the grease that has been baked on the fryer fan. In this case, you can follow a few simple steps to get the grease out of that. Mix some Simple Green with warm water in your sink. Then take out the fan with the grease on it and soak it in your sink. Soak it for about 10 minutes and then start scrubbing the art with a soft-bristled brush. This will help you to remove the softened grease. After that rinse the part with warm water, dry it with a towel. The instruction booklet you got when you bought the air fryer will have instructions on how to remove the fan properly. Follow these instructions carefully because if you take the fan out improperly, you may damage the fryer.

Sometimes you will find it difficult to reach behind the fan. You can solve this problem by using a flexible brush. Another thing you can keep in mind is that the pan and the basket of the air fryer are dishwasher-proof. Thus you can use a dishwasher to clean them. Clean the inside with warm water using a soft sponge. If you are using a dish washing sponge then use the soft side.

How To Clean Oven Of Air Fryer

You will need warm soapy water, a dishtowel, a sponge, a toothbrush, and a lemon to clean your air fryer oven. You can also use a microfiber towel instead of a dish towel and any other soft-bristled brush. Make sure that the sponge you are using is soft and non-abrasive. The first thing you need to do is unplug the air fryer. Then you have to disassemble it. Remove the basket, the tray, and the pan from the air fryer.

You must remember to never cover the main subunit of the air fryer with water. This is because this can damage the electrical parts inside the air fryer. Thus you must never completely submerge this appliance in water. Next, wash the pan and basket in warm soapy water. Also, clean the inside of the air fryer with a dish towel or a microfiber towel and some dish detergent. Use another wet cloth to wipe the soap and then dry it completely with a dry towel.

How To Clean Toaster Oven Of Air Fryer 

First, you have to remove the residues of the toaster oven that are stuck on it. Remove the food that has been baked on and also the grease. After this soak the pan and the basket in warm soapy water for some time to make the food and the grease soft.

Thus, it will be easier to remove. Scrub the surface of the toaster oven with a soft sponge. You may also use a toothbrush or a soft-bristled brush. Sometimes you will notice that there are bad odors accumulating in the toaster oven. You can remove these unwanted smells by using lemon juice. First, soak a piece of cloth in some lemon juice. You can also just cut half of a lemon and use that. Using the cloth or the lemon piece, wipe the sides of the oven. After wiping, leave the oven alone for some time and then rise it again. Thus, you will be able to get rid of any bad smells in your air fryer toaster oven.