How Much Does a Ceiling Fan Installation Cost?

Did you know that while modern ceiling fans use dials or switches, they originally used chains or a pull cord? If you’re considering a ceiling fan, then you might be curious about the cost to install one.

While picking out the right ceiling fan within budget might seem tough, there’s hope. This article will take a look at the ceiling fan installation costs. Read on to explore more about this and be able to decide whether one is right for you.

Ceiling Fan Installation Price

Whether or not you have a current ceiling fan and are experiencing a ceiling fan tick or not, you’ll want to consider the size of your space before shopping for a ceiling fan. First, take a look at the blade’s span when deciding what size ceiling fan you need.

For larger spaces, you’ll want larger fans that have about a 62-inch blade span. For smaller spaces, you can go with a 52-inch blade span.

Next, decide whether it needs to have a light or not. From there, you can opt for an energy-efficient LED model in order to save on electricity. LED light bulbs also last longer than traditional light bulbs.

Consider buying a ceiling fan that uses a DC motor. They’ll save you money.

Depending on the size and features, the price can vary from $85-$375 or more for the fan itself. If you decide to have it installed by an electrician, they’ll charge you much more. It also depends on the type of mounting that’s required as well.

The average cost for a ceiling fan installation is about $246 but it can vary between $143 to $353. For tougher installations, it can almost double the amount. In addition to this, there are labor costs as well which can be between $100-$275.

If you don’t have existing wiring, it can cost in the thousands. This is because the professional will need to drill holes and run wires into the walls.

Why Have a Professional Install Your Ceiling Fan?

Any mistakes that you make from DIY ceiling fan installation can cost you in the long run. Not only will you need to pay for the fan, but you’ll need to pay for repairs as well.

A professional such as an electrician will ensure that the proper wiring is used for your ceiling fan. Playing with wires when you don’t know what you’re doing can be incredibly risky as well.

Professionals will also have the necessary tools to complete the job. If you don’t have the necessary tools, you might wind up paying more for the tools necessary.

They can also add different features as well. If you want a new light switch or one that dims, you’ll have options. There will be more customization and design options as well.

Saves Time

If you don’t have the proper experience or tools necessary, it might wind up taking you a long time. A professional can get the job done in a shorter period of time, and make sure that it’s done right.


Professionals such as electricians have to go through various accreditation and education requirements to earn their titles. You can also ask for their education and experience to see if they meet the needs of your ceiling fan.


If something goes wrong, many professionals have a warranty in place after they install a ceiling fan. That means that you won’t have to worry about paying a large sum of money to fix any problems that occur.

Why Install a Ceiling Fan?

Besides cooling down your home, they keep pests away. Bugs find it difficult to go around a room when there’s wind going by them. They can also wind up meeting with the spinning blades as well.

Since you’re circulating air in your room, there will be fewer dormant places. This can also deter bugs from breeding as well.

Placing a ceiling fan outside can help minimize the pests on your patio. Make sure that it has the humidity requirements and is made for being an outdoor fan.

It’s also affordable to run. At most, it can cost up to about $90 per year. It also doesn’t use much energy or electricity either.

Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan Style

You’ll want a ceiling fan that matches the feel of the rest of your home. Keep in mind that if you choose a style that’s different than your home, it’ll stick out and might even detract from your home’s value.

Consider hiring an interior designer who will make sure to pick out the right fan for your room. For everything from stainless steel to carved oak, you have options when it comes to your ceiling fan. You can even find ceiling fans that look like the propellers of old planes.

Make sure that the style you choose is the right size for the room. For larger rooms, consider having multiple fans for the area. From there, you can choose whether a 4 or 5 bladed fan is right for you.

How Much Does a Ceiling Fan Installation Cost?

Now that you’ve explored the answer to the question, how much does a ceiling fan installation cost, you should have a better idea of what to expect. Take your time picking out the right professional for the job and the correct ceiling fan for your home.

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