Here’s What You Always Wanted to Know About Houseboats

Living on a houseboat can bring you a lifestyle you wouldn’t otherwise get living in a normal home on land. For starters, you’re living on water.

That’s a pretty cool thing if you ask us. But there are so many other cool things about houseboats, too! Read on to learn more – you may even find yourself looking into houseboats after finishing this article.

Your Houseboat Can Move

If you choose to live in a houseboat, you may decide that you want to be docked all of the time. However, some people do decide to move their houseboat from place to place.

Although it is possible, it may be difficult because of the rectangular shape of houseboats. They are not as easy to steer or control in the water.

Living in a Houseboat Can Save You Money

Whether or not you’re trying to save money, living on a houseboat will actually help you save.

Some people choose to dock privately while others choose to anchor. For a private dock, you would need to pay some sort of rent while if you anchor you do not need to. This is one way to save money.

Because of the smaller size of a typical houseboat, you’ll also be saving money on electric and other utility costs. Depending on where you live, you may also not have to pay property taxes.

However, you will want to take into account some of the extra costs associated with a house on the water. For instance, you’ll want to use waterproof sealant on most areas of the boat. If you don’t, you may be looking at added costs down the road.

You’ll Always Be By What You Love

If you live in a normal home, it may take you some time to get to the places you love like the mountains or the beach. But if you live on a houseboat, you probably love living on water and being near it in general.

Lucky for you, your houseboat will always be there. You’ll wake up to the sound of water, the look of water, and the smell of water every single morning.

You’ll Be Going Back to the Basics

When living on the water, decking out your houseboat isn’t always the most practical way to go. Instead, you’ll have to choose to live with the basics. A simpler shower and bathroom, different plumbing, less counter space, and smaller bedrooms.

Although that’s the case, that’s not always a bad thing! You’ll get to enjoy a simpler way of living while being right on the water.

However, living minimally isn’t for everyone, so make sure you think this through before choosing this alternative housing.

A Few Things to Know About Houseboats

Although we didn’t cover everything about houseboats in this article, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect when living on the water.

If this sounds right for you, it may be time to start looking! And if you enjoyed reading about houseboats, check out more articles on our blog!