Farm Facts: Is Farmhouse Still in Style in 2022?

Did you know that most experts recommend completely redoing your home decor every three to four years? Although this may seem like a lot of money and time spent to keep up with the latest trends, you can actually achieve the look you want through simple updates like paint color and reupholstering.

Would you like to learn about how you can update your farmhouse decor to fit the new ideas of 2022? Here are some tips for keeping a farmhouse theme but making it look chic and new.

Modern Farmhouse

Moving into 2022, the goal is to keep farmhouse style ideas on the more modern side. You can still work your furniture arrangements and decor to exude a homey, welcoming feel while upgrading them to be fresh and new.

Try to keep your furniture simple and sleek, so you can bring focus to accent walls and pieces. You can limit wood accents as well to make sure that your focus areas really shine. A spacious farmhouse sink will create a beautifully modern kitchen.

Earth Toned Color Palettes

You do not need to use stark whites and brights to make a statement with your farmhouse decor. Instead, go for softer, neutral tones that are in earth colors.

Some of the best earth tones include warm browns, greens, and beiges. If you want to incorporate white, try using off-white shades that incorporate notes of brown.


Shiplap is a hallmark part of farmhouse style, and there are always new ways to incorporate it without looking tacky. While shiplap walls have been on-brand for the modern farmhouse of the past several years, you may want to switch up the size and direction of your shiplap accents.

Rather than an entire wall of shiplap, try doing a vertical section in a key place, such as above the mantel of your fireplace. You can still enjoy the shiplap without it dominating your entire living space.

Open Floor Plans

An open floor plan may require extensive remodel, but you can always find new ways that you can open up your space. For instance, try a farmhouse table in your kitchen to brighten it up and give it a more spacious feel.

To generate even more space, try adding in skylights to let in the natural light. Arrange your furniture so it is not crowded and you have plenty of space to walk around and see other rooms.

Consider Farmhouse Style Today

You may still be wondering if farmhouse decor will be in style in the year 2022. With these trends, you can keep up with the latest design innovations while still maintaining your beloved modern farmhouse look.

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