Flippers Pay Attention: Decor and Amenities for Vacation Rental Properties

Vacation properties are a home away from home that one may rent from another owner temporarily, or he or she may own the property him/herself. When you own a vacation home for your own personal use, you can decorate it and add to it whatever you want, but if your vacation home is actually a rental property for other guests to enjoy, there are certain amenities and design styles that will make your vacation rental stand out among the others.

Living Room

The living room or family room of your vacation rental should be a nice and cozy place, even if you believe that your tenants may not spend much time in the home. Some amenities to have in the living room are cable TV or a smart TV capable of providing various streaming services, a wifi connection (throughout the entire house), and a game console or family-friendly games.

Stating that your property has these amenities when writing your listing description will catch the attention of more people looking for a vacation home to rent. Another thing to consider is having hardwood or laminate flooring in the living room and other high-traffic areas. These types of flooring are more child and pet-friendly than carpet.


If your rental property has a full kitchen, it’s important to state that in your listing. If you really want to grasp the attention of vacation home renters, add some small appliances to your kitchen, such as a coffee maker, a kettle, and a blender/juicer.
Like with the living room, some of your guests may be more focused on enjoying the attractions rather than the lodging, but you may also have some guests who will spend a lot of time indoors. Also, keep in mind not to overcrowd the kitchen counters with these extra amenities many people appreciate the minimalist home decor style.


When it comes to the bedrooms of your vacation rental property, you’ll want to keep the minimalist decor style going. All the bedrooms need is a bed, quality, and comfortable pillows, blankets, and bedding, a nightstand or two with lamps, and a dresser/closet for clothes.

To enhance your guests’ experience, consider getting blackout curtains for the windows and maybe some sleeping masks and earplugs to enhance their sleeping experience. When it comes to the best flooring, carpet in the bedroom is okay since bedrooms aren’t usually high-traffic areas. Plus, quality carpet is more comfortable than hardwood or laminate flooring, and you’ll want your bedrooms to be more of a comfort area.


Be sure that your bathrooms are stocked with toiletries for your guests, and consider even adding some grooming and beauty products. However, if you choose to do so, avoid heavily fragranced products, as some people may be allergic. Also, make sure that you have plenty of clean towels and washcloths available.

Other Rooms/Outdoors

If your rental property has a laundry room, it’s a good idea to include a washer and dryer for your guests to use, especially if they’re staying for a while. If you have any extra rooms, keep the decor in line with the minimalist style to avoid overcrowding them with unnecessary items. When it comes to the backyard of your property, a pool is a good idea to have, especially if you have a vacation rental in Dallas, Phoenix, or any other place that has warm temperatures but isn’t close enough to a beach. It’s also a good idea to have a cozy sitting area in the backyard for your guests.

No matter what type of vacation rental property you have, you should always have the basic amenities, such as running water, electricity, and ventilation. Also, remember that you should thoroughly clean your entire property between each of your guests. Finally, it’s important to be a courteous property manager so that more people will want to rent from you.