Dealing With Backyard Flooding

Backyards that are prone to flooding can be a real headache for homeowners. Heavy rainfall leaves some yards so full of puddles it can take days or week before the space is ready to be walked on again. If this sounds all too familiar, check out these tips below for ideas on battling the swamp.

1. Level the Yard

In some yards, fixing a puddling problem could be as simple as adding some dirt in lower areas to create a completely level area. This will prevent water from pooling in the low portions of the yard. Leveling the yard will require the purchase of a large quantity of dirt, possibly machinery to help you move it (depending on how large your backyard is) and a few yard tools. With a few hours of hard labor, you can easily complete this project on your own. Don’t forget to plant grass seed over the dirt and water it frequently.

2. Add an Irrigation System

You can ask a professional about irrigation installation Boca Raton. This could allow you to use the water that previously flooded your yard to ensure all of your plant life is well watered. Installing an irrigation system could also save you money on your water bill by cutting down on the amount of water you utilize in order to properly hydrate your plants.

3. Install a French Drain System

A french drain system uses underground pipes to collect water and redirect it to a different area than it would naturally have flowed. The pipes are installed on a downward slope to use gravity to move the water away from the area prone to flooding. Then, the pipes are covered with grass or pebbles.

4. Plant a Useful Garden

Some plants can be used to drink up excess water. Numerous trees, including red maples and weeping willows, can assist you in your quest for better water drainage in your yard. Additionally, daylilies, primroses, irises and purple coneflower soak up superfluous water. Try planting a few of the plants listed (if they work in your climate), and reap the benefits of their beauty and absorption powers.

Plenty of parties have been ruined by a backyard that resembles a swamp more than a hotspot for a party. If you suffer from a soggy yard, consider leveling your yard, adding irrigation, installing a french drain or planting plants known to help with drainage issues.